13 Feb

Explore Pristine Lakes And Sun Soaked Beaches In Brisbane & Beyond It!

What are you planning to do in upcoming months, in terms of adding some charm to your monotonous life? Please don’t say that you don’t have anything new to do. We always make such mistakes wherein we totally forget to enjoy our lives because we keep ourselves extremely busy either in our job or in the day to day household activities. I think it is important for each one of us to understand what exactly are we looking for in life.

When it comes to me, all I want is to spend some precious time with my loved ones and collect as many memories as I can from it, which can be cherished by me throughout my life. And I think same is the case with most of you. Right? But if you are still confused then you need to introspect yourself in order to understand what is that you find happiness in and I am sure you will get an answer similar to what I feel or think.

One of the best ways to add some sort of excitement in your life is to go on a long holiday trip with your entire family or may be with your colleagues.

So, let’s get back to the point, wherein I was discussing your upcoming plans. If in case you really don’t have one as of now, you can think of exploring Brisbane and areas around it. Whenever you decide to visit Brisbane, you can book a campervan from Aussie Campervans and Car Rentals, which will fully take care of your traveling needs.

Top Things To Do In Brisbane & Areas Around It

Discover The History Of The City By Exploring Its Museums & Art Galleries 

Whenever you land up in an unexplored tourist destination, it’s important at the first place to familiarize yourself with its history and culture before you dig into some other things. And the same applies to Brisbane as well, which is a highly stunning multicultural city and capital of Queensland. 

And when it comes to enriching your knowledge about the history and culture of Queensland in general and Brisbane in particular, nothing can serve you better than Brisbane Cultural Centre. It consists of following attractions -

  • The Queensland Performing Art Centre
  • The Queensland Museum
  • The State Library
  • The Queensland Art Gallery
  • The Queensland Theatre Company

One of the best thing about visiting this place is that you have to pay a reasonable entry fee and it keeps on hosting free musical performances and exhibitions etc. In addition, to that, you may also get a chance to see free film screening over there.

Discover Crystal Clear Waterfalls

The best part of enjoying a holiday trip is to explore the natural attractions offered by a destination such as soothing waterfalls.

Some of the Best Waterfalls in & Around Brisbane Include -

  • Cedar Creek Falls in Tamborine Mountain
  • Booloumba Falls in Conondale National Park
  • Twin Falls in Springbrook National Park
  • Kondalilla Falls in Montville

Explore Pristine Lakes

If we talk about exploring lakes, there are plenty of them in Brisbane and in its nearby areas. You can add the following lakes in your list of must see tourist attractions-

  • Blue Lake
  • Lake Barrine
  • Lake Eacham
  • Lake Wabby

Discover The Sun Soaked Beaches

In addition to exploring lakes and waterfalls, you should also explore the breathtaking beauty of Brisbane beaches. Some of the beaches that you can explore during your trip include Coolangatta beach-Gold Coast, Burleigh beach- Gold Coast, Coolum beach -Sunshine Coast, Kings Beach-Sunshine Coast, and Tallow Beach- Byron Bay.

Apart from these, there are many more interesting attractions that you can discover in Brisbane if you don’t have any shortage of time.

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