15 Oct

Australia’s 5 Sublime Holiday Destinations For Christmas

As Christmas is approximately two months away from now, it’s the right time to plan a thrilling trip which can fill your life with bliss by allowing you to spend some astounding moments with people who are really special for you. A country like Australia, which is home to some of the most astonishing Christmas holiday destinations, allow you to enjoy this incredible festival like anything.

Since there are so many options you can finalize a nice and cozy holiday destination at least a month before so that you can plan the entire trip according. When it comes to Christmas holidays you need to plan a lot for it, so do your homework effectively and implement the best possible ideas to make your holidays even more special. Rent a campervan from Aussie Campervans to explore all the interesting routes on your own to reach your cozy destination for Christmas.

Here’re Some Places In Australia Which Can Be Explored During Christmas Time 

1. Coffs Harbour

Located in the state of New South Wales in Australia, Coffs Harbour is a beautiful coastal city that can be explored by people in all the seasons. However, when it comes to Christmas season, the charm of this city doubles with the arrival of holidaymakers from different parts of Australia. Coffs Harbour, which is popular among tourists for its unusually beautiful Big Banana monument, lies at a distance of 540 km from the city of Sydney. As far as the North Coast region is concerned, Coffs Harbour is one of the biggest modern cities in the area.

There is little doubt that this coastal city is famous for its beaches, but apart from holidaymakers can also explore amusement parks here. Add more charisma to your Christmas holidays by exploring a wide range of animals in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, which is an absolutely interesting place for family holidays. If you have children, they are going to enjoy the wildlife out there like anything. 

Your family will never have any issue when it comes to celebrating Christmas in this incredible coastal city which is filled with endless surprises. Considering the fact that it has several breathtaking beaches your family members will love the idea of celebrating Christmas in Coffs Harbour. They can take rest in a beachside resort or villa when they are tired of playing water sports like swimming, and snorkeling.

In Short, Coffs Harbour is a kind of city that welcomes the tourists throughout the years and offers them incredible things, hence your idea of celebrating Christmas here will never be a disappointment for your family.

2. Whitsunday Islands

For that perfect Christmas celebration head off to the Whitsunday islands, which is a group of nearly 74 beautiful islands in your self-drive campervan and enjoy the luxury offered by the prenominal resorts or hotels located there. Though it is entirely true that you won’t find this place covered with snow, a view that is popular in European and American countries especially during Christmas, but you will definitely find an amazing type of sand here called the white sand. It’s completely true that snow is missing here, but the white sand makes this place truly unique and mesmerizing. You will experience one of the most sparkling sands in the Whitsunday islands. 

Since most of the islands in this region remain uninhibited, you can easily find a lot of calm and serene places to enjoy your Christmas. Explore the beaches during the daytime and enjoy your dinner in best of the best open air restaurants in the night. When you Enjoy your food and wine under the clear blue sky which remains the home to endless bright starts will definitely prove to be an unforgettable experience for you. 

3. The Great Barrier Reef

As far as your Christmas holidays are concerned, the Great Barrier Reef is another incredible place in Australia to enjoy them. Owing to its worldwide popularity, the Great Barrier Reef remains the best choice for holidaymakers from all over the world to enjoy some unforgettable time with their families. 

The only natural attraction of its kind, the Great Barrier Reef is an excellent choice for you to have a blast during Christmas. Since it has umpteen number of things to offer, it has the potential to keep you occupied throughout the day and night. At a time when you are in a Christmas mood, you definitely like to do unique and interesting things, and Great Barrier Reef is an awesome place for that. 

It’s an amazing natural attraction which is quite near from the city of Cairns - one of the most phenomenal places in the state of Queensland. It consists of thousands of reefs and hundreds of mesmerizing islands which again provide plenty of natural attractions and make your holidays even for exciting and adventurous. 

Every enthusiastic traveler has this desire of visiting the Great Barrier Reef at least once, so if you are thinking of exploring a new place during Christmas in Australia, think about this amazing option once. 

4. Kangaroo Island

Being an Australian, if you are unable to finalize a stunning destination for Christmas this year, then think of discovering Kangaroo Island, which is an extremely alluring place in the state of South Australia. An island that lies southwest of Adelaide, it has plenty of things to offer the visitors, especially when they arrive here during Christmas. Since Christmas is all about enjoying unique and beautiful things, it’s a great time to explore different types of animals such as a range of beautiful birds, koalas and sea lions etc., which are found on Kangaroo island. In addition to that, you can also discover adorable penguins apart from a variety of marine life on this island. 

So, allow yourself to discover the unbelievable beauty of this island during Christmas and make your family feel really special. 

5. Canberra

Even after living in Australia if you have not been able to explore Canberra yet, Christmas holidays are the best time to do that. Considering the fact that Christmas is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Canberra, you can easily experience the festive mood in the entire city. Whether you talk about the houses, restaurants, hotels, or shops, you will find them glittering like anything in the night, as their owners deck them with beautiful Christmas lights. You can shop in the city, explore its beautiful malls, and visits its remarkable gardens as well as museums if you are willing to do something different this time around. 

Apart from these destinations you can also explore places like Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide at the time of Christmas holidays. Also check out about "8 Free Christmas events hosted by Brisbane"

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