22 May

Australia Unraveled On A Campervan

Planning a trip to gorgeous Australia? The land Down Under offers umpteen delights that is not n offer anywhere else. With its exclusive landscape, the sights and its floral and fauna, Australia is one destination that you need to visit if you are a travel enthusiast by any chance. Here are the top picks in Australia that you must explore no matter how short a trip you have in mind.

Sydney - When it comes to an Aussie rendezvous, Sydney tops our list. With the famed Sydney Opera House that plays operas such as Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, to the Harbour Bridge, there is enough in Sydney to take your breath away. You might rent a yacht to sail down the Sydney harbour line and have a time exclusive to the very moment.

Melbourne - Another top pick, Melbourne is famed for its diversity. With its Yarra river, the scenes and sights you can soak in is unmatched by anything else. Add to this, the Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Museum and the Federation Square and your nose for history and fun could get the right smells coming in.

Brisbane - If you are keen on seeing how Australia had shaped up to modern trends, Brisbane is the city of your calling. The best way to explore the Brisbane trail is by renting a Campervan hire Australia. With top notch services, you will only be in for a treat in the Aussie leg of your trip. Few attractions you could visit in the city are Mt Cootha, Alma Park Zoo, South Bank Parklands and Bribie Island.

Adelaide - The very name transports tourists to paradisical territory filled with gorgeous gardens and parks. Add to the, the South Australian Museum that throws in a dose of historical nostalgia and the beaches around—you will never regret the Adelaide sojourn.

Canberra - When you visit Australia, its capital could be far from your mind. The city is lovely and touches a chord with travellers of all ages and types of tourists. From umpteen galleries, museums and cultural hubs, Canberra shelters delights galore for the tourist.

Alice Springs - The name reminisces of Alice in Wonderland and the same can actually be matched on the trip to the same. With its isolation being its trump card, Alice or Alice Springs is nestled between the mountain ranges of West McDonnell and East McDonnell.

campervan tour in Australia

Summing up: Choosing to holiday across Australia in a campervan offers you the advantage of getting to experience the country up close—almost next to your skin. No matter if you travel with your pals or family, the campervan rental in Australia could be a bet that you will never regret throughout your life. The campervan holiday in Australia could bring you delights such as saving on travel costs too. Add to this, the pleasure of sharing accommodation in one campervan or motor home with your loved ones, and you can experience some long-missed bonding time.

With most campervan rentals, you get budget packages that cover travelling, accommodation and meal costs. Choose a package that suits your needs. Holidaying on impulse without the need to check in on time is a pleasure that most of us have almost forgotten with the rat race of a life we live. Go get hands on a campervan and enjoy your Aussie rendezvous without a glitch.

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