25 Jun

5 Must-Know Travel Tips before Hiring Campervan in Australia

If you are flying to Australia on your next holiday, the chances are you will hire a campervan to travel around. Of course, you may join a guided tour, travel in a public transport, or rent a car as well, but campervan hire is one of the most popular means of transport amongst travellers and locals too.

And hence, in this post I have covered some of the basic tips that every traveler should know before hiring a campervan in Australia.

1. Select the right campervan – but how?

There is always a certain level of compromise done between the comfort of driving and the comfort of staying in your vehicle when you make a halt. Every traveler driving a luxurious 6 berth campervan would rather hire a smaller van, but every traveler driving a smaller or 2 berth camper would rather get the great comfort of a larger, 6-berth camper.

If you haven’t still made your mind for a campervan, follow below tips:

  • First finalize the size of campervan. Know how many berth campervan is the best fit for your journey
  • Make a trade-off between a brand new with all amenities and facilities, and an older van that have traveled a lot on the country roads.
  • Check out passenger seating arrangements before sealing the deal
  • Don’t rent campervan with only lap belt on the 90" back seat as they are not a comfortable while on long drives
  • If there are kids in passengers, make sure their seats have 3-point seat belts
  • Some motorhome rental companies in Australia provide their customers with a bike on the back rack of their vans; of course they charge extra for a bike rental, but this is worth selecting if you want that ‘extra’ touch on adventure and freedom.

2. Search online

Undoubtedly, Internet is the best option to find most suitable motorhome rental service in Australia. Most of the motorhome rental companies in Australia allow customers to book their choice of van along with additional facilities and amenities needed online through their website only. When you book online, you also save a considerable amount given to agent as a commission.

3. Check availability and book in advance

Well, if you are heading to Australia during peak holiday season, i.e. summer months – December, January and February, it is recommended that you book your van at least 2 month before. Don’t forget to check the availability of campervan well before your travel date.

Travel Tips before Hiring Campervan in Australia
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4. More days, more discount

This is true! If you hire a van for entire week or longer, the motorhome rental companies will offer you with more discounts than they can offer you, or even may not offer, for 3 days or shorter booking.

The only success mantra to find the best deal that gets you highest bargain is ‘Research’; spend as much time as you can surfing over the internet, visit different motorhome websites, compare their rentals, make sure there are no hidden charges, and then make the payment.

5. Prepare your travel map in advance

As similar to all other travellers, I am sure even you would like to make the most of your trip to this wonderful country in the permissible time. And hence, advance planning for driving itinerary is essential. If you spend only 7 days to travel from Cairns to Sydney, you may see only a small percentage of what it has to offer!

While on holiday, you should rather take the things slowly. Additionally, you need not to assume that with a campervan, you need to move ahead every day. If you reach a heavenly beautiful place with so much to offer, you may consider to stay there for an extra night and experience the charisma of nature and of course you can give driving a break for the day.

To conclude, the more you know about your travel itinerary in Australia, the easier and your ecstasy will be. So, what’s holding you back now? If you want to explore the heart-stopping scenery, spectacular architecture and much more in Australia, start shopping for the best campervan hire deals today!

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