20 Aug

Adelaide – A Well-kept, Beautiful Secret of Australia Revealed

The capital city of South Australia and the 5th largest city of the country, Adelaide is inherently a picturesque place, known for its laid-back attitude, al fresco Mediterranean lifestyle, a series of sport events, high calibre performances held throughout the year, and not to miss a fact that it is just an hour drive from over 200 cellar doors.

A Bustling Cosmopolitan Hub

Sitting on a lush coastline and the banks of the River Torrens, blessed with a soothing Mediterranean climate, Adelaide is the most liveable city of the country. From the piney hills to its east, to a tree-covered plain in the middle, and beaches to the west, Adelaide has the perfect mix of Australia’s highlight. The city is indeed the best example of urbanization.


A Gourmet's Temple

Merely a city of churches two decades ago, the capital of South Australia has fast emerged into a colourful, cosmopolitan hub of country’s gastronomy revolution. Today, 51% of Australia’s wine production are done in this region; the Adelaide Hills are home to many fruits and veggies of Australia.

Wine, and food are all part of city’s courteous glamour. Moreover, the fast rising population in the city is forecasting more café and restaurant scenes here. With around 700 restaurants, Adelaide is truly the mecca for foodies in Australia.

Culture Delights

Adelaide is one of the major centres for cultural and music events in the country. The city hosts more than 200 concerts along with many dance and theatrical performances every year. Its international cultural and music events speak in volume about the region’s cosmopolitan community.

It’s Never Just Sightseeing Here!

A trip to the spectacular city of Adelaide is not all about relaxing at the pool side and sightseeing. You can head down to the coast, located just 30 km away from the city, and enjoy water sports like swimming, surfing, dolphin watching, walking by the beach or do much more at one of the white, sandy and magnificent beaches there.

Adelaide Beach

The city is also home to a popular landmark for the cricket community of Australia - Tour Down Under, which is the southern hemisphere counterpart to the Tour de France – a popular cricket ground.

The country’s native wildlife including kangaroos and koalas too is at the doorstep of the city. You may hire a campervan in Adelaide upon arrival or book one of your choice online well before you leave for the trip. And yes, don’t forget to browse the internet to get travel tips after hiring a campervan in Adelaide in advance and ensure a hassle-free, most pleasant holiday break.

Don’t forget to visit the-famous Kangaroo Island and the Barossa Valley, one of the most popular wine regions of Australia, while in the city. Campervan rental in Adelaide will set you with great freedom to explore the sights at your own pace, the great flexibility to stop where you want, and a great opportunity to design your travel itineraries on own.

Though not as popular as Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is no single inch less than these cities when it comes to offering pleasant surprises including mouth-watering delicacies, a glimpse of the cultural heritage of the country and nature’s wonders.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your holidays hiring a campervan in Adelaide and discover the best kept secret of Australia!

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