26 Oct

Explore the Unrivaled Wildlife Scenes of Australia

This holiday season make your travel full of wildlife experiences that will take your breath away and make you return home with a whole bunch of unforgettable experiences. So folks, are you ready to learn about some of the Australia’s most exciting and thrilling wildlife experiences? If yes, read on.

Australia is rewarded with a huge share of captivating animal species, many of which are rare to find in any other part of the world. The country has more than 80% of total 378 mammals, 400 of total 800 species of birds, and 773 of total 869 creatures belonging to the category of reptile species.

Well, of course you can watch some of these creatures in zoos, national parks and wildlife parks while traveling across the country. However, if you are in search of the most stunning wildlife encounters, here are 6 of the best wildlife experiences of the country:

1. Watch the turtle toddlers crawling to the sea

If you are traveling to Australia between November and February, the elder sea turtles gather at the coast of south Queensland and some of its tiny islands and lay around 100 eggs a clutch. While it is rare to witness hatchling scenes, but you can certainly increases your chances to encounter such scenes by heading down to Lady Elliot Island, Heron Island and Mon Repos Conservation Park.

2. Enjoy swimming with Sharks

Enjoy swimming with Shark

The largest fish of the world, the whale shark can grow old and become 18 meters long. Fortunately, they seek plankton, not humans as its meal. If you want to swim with these docile behemoths, wear a snorkel mask and swim by keeping in pace with these whale sharks at the Ningaloo Marine Park located in the Western Australia.

3. Hunt for a Platypus

With dark brown fur, sewn feet and a stretchy, duck-sort of bill, platypus are the most comic native creature of the country. And to your surprise, they are also one the only two mammals in the world who lay eggs. Head down to the pristine waters of the secluded island of Tasmania and when you witness a circular ripple pattern above the water’s surface, there are fair chances of you seeing the platypus swimming.

4. Relish in the moments of Whale Watching

Reach to Cape Byron and New south wales with a camera and board a boat. You may jump for fun when you encounter a whale or simply watch it making jumps above the water surface. Humpback whales and southern night whales can also be seen at Sydney harbour too.

5. It’s really fun watching wombats

Cute wombats are the largest burrowing herbivorous mammal on the earth. You can find them in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, southern Queensland, and in southeast of South Australia.

6. Get closer to Penguins

Little or fairy penguins found in Australia are the smallest of the total 17 species of penguin found on earth. Visit the Kangaroo Island (South Australia), Granite Island (South Australia), Philip Island (Victoria), Montague Island (New South Wales) or in Bicheno (Tasmania).

These are just tip of the iceberg. The country has countless diverse and unique wildlife experience to offer its visitors such as diving with minke whales, watching a crosswary, get closer to quokkas or enjoy Snorkeling with manta rays and sea turtles.

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