31 May

Cairns to Cape York – A Truly Unique 4WD Adventure Tour

Word-famous for its exotic hilly rainforests and rugged terrain, Cairns, a charming city in the tropical north Queensland, makes a perfect base for 4WD touring holidays. Book your 4WD rental Cairns and set-off for a mesmerizing drive towards some unspoiled places in its neighbourhood countryside.

The Cairn is surrounded by vast open tracks and mountainous landscapes that make it perfect for adventure activities such as 4WD driving, fishing, camping and hunting. There are a plenty of other fun outdoor activities a 4WD rental Cairns can offer. 

Home to the heart-stopping outback gorges, canyons and lush green rainforests, Cairns offers some of the greatest drives in Australia. And 4WD rental in Cairns is one of the best ways to explore all the tropical north of Queensland has on offer. You can either plan for a self-drive 4Wd tour or hire a professional guide. 

From as small as a few kilometres to hundreds of kilometres, the Queensland city has a large number of 4WD tracks in its close vicinity; those tracks will truly test your driving skills! So, are you ready for a four-wheeling adventure in the real outback? If yes, read on.

Plan a 4WD day-out to Cape York

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A century ago, Cape York was inhibited and ruled by some aboriginal Australians only. Home to many wonderful nature’s wonders, the region is still the last geographical area of the continent to be developed and explored. One of the biggest achievement for adventure tourists in Australia is to reach the northernmost Tip of Queensland, Cape York. 

Unlike other travel destinations, Cape York remains sparsely populated even during the peak holiday season. Most of the parts are accessible with a 4WD only. Arrive anytime between May to December and you will experience a truly epic 4WD tour of a lifetime. 

A 4WD day out tour of Cape York will make you explore the spellbinding diversity of nature and wildlife in Australia. Exploring the place where oceans oversee and meet the unspoilt Torres Strait Islands is a stupendous experience.

Some major highlights of a Cape York 4WD Tour

  • Drive up the Bloomfield 4WD track for the real outback four-wheeling experience. Pass through steep climbs, cross the river and creek, drive the heroic descents and go exploring the world heritage listed Daintree and Cape Tribulation Rainforests on your self-drive holiday. 
  • Visit over 1 century old Musgrave Telegraph Station to look into the interesting history of the country and enjoy some sumptuous food.

  • Reach the northern most tip of the country while in Cape York. Don’t forget to capture a selfie here!

  • Head down to Thursday Island of the Torres Strait and enjoy the tropical delights such as finishing. The island is known for its natural marvels and pearling history.

  • What’s more, enjoy swimming at Twin Falls, relax in the palm fringed sands at Chili Beach, watch the rare species of Palm Cockatoo and Eclectus Parrots in Iron Range National Park, and the list simply goes on.

For the most enthralling and one-of-a-kind four-wheeling experience in the tropical Queensland, book your 4WD rental Cairns TODAY!

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