24 Jul

Travel Cairns – Explore the Touristy Delights of the Tropical Gem of Queensland

If wandering through stunning, historic rain forests, soaking up the sunshine with a glass of wine in hand, watching some of the world’s most endangered bird species, seeing wild crocodiles and sailing through the island is your definition of adventure, you will find your heaven in Cairns.

The tour of Cairns begins with the dense rain forests and local sightseeing at North Queensland. Greenhouse located at Grafton Street is an affordable choice of accommodation as the guests are offered free breakfast and complimentary internet. The licensed bar at the hotel is a great place to relax and de-stress as the drinks are cheap. Swimming pool and a deck with free activities are also provided. 

A Trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

As you proceed further, the places to visit are the reef and the island. There are several islands and Green and Fitzroy being the most accessible. You will have to spend in tune of $ 80 for enjoying a day trip to these places. The famous Great Barrier Reef, which is listed among the seven wonders of the world is a must visit. A plethora of activities like watching creatures and corals that inhabit the reef and snorkelling or diving can be enjoyed once you are at the reef. Those who fear the water can enjoy the reef and their inhabitants from a distance sitting a boat with glass bottom. You may be lucky enough to get a glimpse of deadly creatures like the box jellyfish which can kill a person in just three minutes. 

Enjoy the Rainforests and Nearby Tours 

Another attraction is the historical rain forest believed to be existing since the last ice age. Some of the deadliest birds and crocodiles can be seen in the wild. A trip to Cape Tribulation may be taken from Cairns which takes just two hours. Tours to Billy tea estate and Daintree River Croc are conducted where you can find crocodiles in their natural habitat. The visitor can have a glimpse of Aussie culture as they savour billy tea and damper. Visit your softer side as you get to feed some orphaned Kangaroos. During your visit to the rainforests, you can be fortunate enough to have an encounter with Cassowary, considered as one of the deadliest birds. 

Visit to the Mountains 


A train or coach service from Campervan Rental Cairns can be availed to visit the mountains where a different culture awaits you. The village of Kuranda will offer you locally brewed tea and coffee . As the village is in the forests taking a walk in the rainforests is a great experience. Various hand made stuffs are there for sale in the village. The market near the village offer mouth watering Vietnamese food. 

Mission Beach and Night Life at Cairns 

Driving for two hours in south direction will bring you to the Mission beach. Bio carts are available for scooting along the sea side. The local market sells many tropical fruits and prawns. The grits can enjoy free champagnes served by topless waiters at night clubs.

Visit Cairns and live some of the best moments of your life while witnessing beautiful hills, adventurous tours and a cool night life using the services of Aussie Campervans- Rental Campervan in Cairns

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