05 Feb

Top Most Popular Destinations in Perth for your Family Vacation

Summer is the time when you feel like doing something different and interesting, in terms of bringing some sort of change to your monotonous life, wherein you hardly get the time to think about anything else apart from your job. And if in case you are a student you remain too busy with your school and college. Am I right?

You should keep on breaking this monotony once in a while and I think summer is the perfect time for that. During summers, you frequently need short breaks in order to beat the dullness in your life by refreshing it with exciting new memories, and in that case, nothing works better than a trip, which is either carried out with a group of friends or with family members.

So, if you are either an Australian or an outsider, Perth can prove to be a really interesting destination to explore this summer. In order to explore every nook and cranny of Perth, it’s better that you are traveling in your own car, however, that’s just not possible for international tourists as they cannot bring cars with them while flying from some other country to Australia. In addition, to that, there are a lot of Australians who do not have a car, but that does that mean they cannot go on an exciting trip. Well, someone has rightly said that every problem has a solution and in this case, the solution lies in hiring a campervan or motorhome from Aussie Campervans and Car Rentals - one of the most reliable Campervan and car rentals firm in Australia.

So Once Your Traveling Related Issues are Sorted Out You can Discover Following Places in Perth.

1. Penguin Islands

Considering the fact that during summers you really want to go away from the crowded cities and spend some quality moments in the lap of nature, Penguin Island that is in Perth, Western Australia can really turn out to be the top tourist destination for you. The island is packed with approximately 1200 small penguins, which are definitely going to steal your heart. So when you talk about tourist attractions in Perth, Penguin Island truly falls within the category of must-see places.

2. Heirisson Island

When you have already made an effort to come to Australia from some distant country, you should never miss visiting Heirisson Island, which is located in the Swan River. Once you are here you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature, which turns out to be really interesting in summers.

3. Carnac Island

If you are really looking forward to exploring the unique marine life while in Perth, you must visit Carnac Island. You can explore a wide range of sea lions, marine birds and bottlenose dolphins etc., in Carnac Island.

4. Turquoise Bay

If you love beaches, which all most everyone loves during summers, then you must visit Turquoise Bay wherein you can explore its crystal clear water. Turquoise Bay is not only famous in Australians, but it’s popular among tourists across the world when it comes to top beaches of the world. It’s really perfect destination for tourists when it comes to enjoying swimming and snorkelling.

5. Lucky Bay

In the context of Western Australia, Lucky Beach is another important beach in the state which must be discovered by every tourist. It’s located in the Cape Le Grand National Park, which is one of the most beautiful places in Western Australia. When it comes to camping in the Cape Le Grand National Park it quickly fills up in summer, hence you must remember of advanced bookings. This place is enjoyed both by elder people and kids, and that’s the reason during the summer holidays most of the families in Western Australia plan their trip to this beautiful national park.

6. City Beach

It is one of the most talked about white sand beaches in Perth and is visited by a large number of tourists every year including both Australians and international tourists. It’s highly common among backpackers and surfers who spend long hours here. In addition, to that, this beautiful place is also famous among families, who love everything about it.

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