16 May

Top 5 Off Road 4WD Tracks In Broome

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1. Cape Leveque Road

Cape Leveque Road is a rugged and challenging dirt road that runs approximately 200 km north of Broome in Western Australia to the isolated Cape Leveque Peninsula. It is only suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles. Further, If you are looking to hire a 4WD from Broome Airport, you can check it out here for latest deals.

The road is mostly unsealed and is characterized by its numerous steep hills, sharp bends, and rocky surfaces. It's important to take special care when driving along this road, especially during the wet season when the road can become impassable due to the heavy rain.

The road can be quite rough in some areas, so it's necessary to go at a slow and steady pace, and make sure to pack a spare tire and necessary recovery equipment. The route is also marked by a few creek crossings, so it's essential to check the water depth before crossing to avoid getting stuck.

The scenery along the route is picturesque, including dramatic cliff faces, remote beaches, and red rocky formations. This road can be very challenging but it's worth the effort as it offers a unique and unforgettable experience to travellers who love adventure and nature.

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