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Top 8 Off-Road Adventures In Adelaide

Top 8 Off-Road Adventures In Adelaide

1. Oodnadatta Track

This renowned 4WD track takes travellers 620kms into the outback of Australia. It is one of the easiest outback tracks that is suitable for beginners wanting a taste of adventure. With plenty of hot springs and waterholes for a nice refreshing trip, you want to remember to pack your bathing suits. Lake Eyre South is a beauty you do not want to miss. You can also access the Wab­ma Kadar­bu Mound Springs Con­ser­va­tion Park from the Oodnadatta Track. The mound springs have once provided crucial water supplies for early European explorers and settlers, and were instrumental in determining the routes of the Australian Overland Telegraph line and Ghan railway. Many travellers have hired the 4WD Adventure Camper to go on the Oodnadatta Track and have praised its performance and convenience. 

2. Simpson Desert

The Simpson Desert is a popular destination in winter when the weather is cool. The temperature of the desert is approximately between 4 degrees celsius (early mornings) and 19 degrees celsius (mid-day). Home to the famous Dalhousie Springs and Poeppel Corner (also known as the tristate border where South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory meets), the Simpson Desert is where you can experience the red sandy desert biome. The largest dune Big Red is 40m in height. With no water or food around for hundreds of kilometres, ensure you pack sufficient supplies for your trip.

3. Saunders Gorge Sanctuary

Located on the east of Adelaide hills and Mount Pleasant, this track leads to the scenic Eagle View Conservation Area. The track is approximately 3 hours and requires 4WD with low range. These breathtaking views of numerous scenic spots make the loop worthwhile. As this is a privately owned area, bookings are required with a fee.

4. Deep Creek Conservation Park

Deep Creek Conservation Park is a stunning natural reserve located in South Australia. It offers a diverse range of landscapes, from rugged coastlines to peaceful creeks and gullies. The park is home to an abundance of wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, and echidnas, making it a popular destination for hiking and wildlife spotting. With camping facilities and plenty of picturesque walking trails, Deep Creek is the perfect escape for nature lovers looking for a peaceful retreat. While most of the roads are sealed, there are a handful of gravel roads that are best travelled with a 4WD.

5. Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre is a unique Australian outback jewel that takes travellers on a journey to one of the driest and most remote regions of the country. The trip begins with a drive through the rugged terrain of the Flinders Ranges, where travellers can marvel at the towering rock formations and incredible landscapes. Many backpackers from around the world have ticked this off their bucket list by hiring the economical CC 4WD 2 Berth Camper to take on this adventure.

6. Birdsville Track Adventure

The Birdsville Track Adventure is an exciting journey through the remote, rugged and beautiful terrain of the Australian outback. The adventure takes you through the heart of the Australian Desert, offering spectacular views of the beautiful red landscapes, sand dunes, and endless open spaces. The adventure also offers a chance to learn about the region's history and culture. You will have the opportunity to visit historical sites such as the Old Ghan Railway, find traces of early explorers, and see the remnants of the incredible Great Artesian Basin.

7. The Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is a stunning mountain range located in South Australia, known for its rugged and scenic landscapes. The range stretches for about 430 kilometers from Port Pirie to Lake Callabonna, and includes numerous peaks, gorges, and valleys. The natural beauty of the range draws visitors from around the world, with many coming to take part in activities like 4WD, hiking, camping, and bird-watching. The Flinders Ranges is also home to a number of historical sites, including Aboriginal rock art sites and the ruins of old mining towns. The Flinders Ranges is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the natural beauty and rich history of Australia.

8. Gawler Ranges

The Gawler Ranges are a range of ancient volcanic hills located in the Australian state of South Australia. Situated between the Eyre Peninsula and the Flinders Ranges, the Gawler Ranges cover an area of approximately 6,400 square kilometres. 

The landscape of the Gawler Ranges is characterised by rugged gorges, towering cliffs, and vast plains, with numerous creeks and waterholes dotted throughout the region. 

The Gawler Ranges are a popular destination for outdoor and 4WD enthusiasts, offering a range of activities such as hiking, camping, and four-wheel drive adventures. The region is also renowned for its stunning night skies, with clear views of the stars and the Milky Way visible from many parts of the Gawler Ranges.

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