13 May

Tips: How to Plan a Campervan Road Trip with Pets in Australia?

After being locked up in our homes for more than a year and endlessly moving between the living room, bedroom and kitchen, we all, including our furry family members, deserve a little quality time in the outdoors. It's time to embark upon a family adventure, and it's not a true  family vacay unless your pet accompanies you, is it?

We agree that travelling with your pet can be tricky but they too have been in isolation since the outbreak of Covid-19 and they deserve this holiday as much as you do. A camping trip in the lap of nature will help you rejuvenate after a monotonous year, and the presence of your pooch will make the entire experience better.

So what are you waiting for? Book a  Campervan hire Australia, pack your camping gear and head out on an amazing adventure with your family. Here are a few tips that will help you make your pet holiday ‘perfect'!

Road Trip with Pet 

Camping with your Pet - A Comprehensive Guide

Initial Preparations

1. Research Pet-Friendly Campsites

The first step of planning a camping trip with your four-legged friend is conducting research for pet-friendly campsites. Call up campsites that cater to pets and inquire about the facilities they offer and ask about the rules of their property. You should also ensure that there are adequate pet-friendly facilities such as an area to cool off, designated play areas, walking grounds around the campsite, and more to make your pet comfortable.

To know about the pet permissions in the national parks of Australia, we recommend you to visit trusted  government websites.

2. Get Your Pet Vaccinated And Microchipped

Each state has different rules and regulations regarding camping with your pets. To avoid any unexpected surprises, ensure that dog vaccination and deworming are up to date and carry the necessary documentation along.

Microchipping your pet is of utmost importance. If they get lost or end up in the hands of a stranger, these chips will help you locate them. You can also use customized collars with your name and phone number on it so that anyone can contact you if your pooch gets lost.

3. Packing Essentials

Just like anyone, your pet needs its essentials for the trip and forgetting them could turn out to be an expensive affair. Some of the most important things to pack are -

  • Feeding bowls
  • Food
  • Extra water (if dry camping)
  • Treats
  • Plenty of poop bags
  • Toys & Bed
  • Medications
  • Travel Harness
  • Pet first-aid kit
  • Leash
  • Proof of vaccinations and vet info.

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Campervan Travel With Pets

Travelling in a  campervan hire with your pet can be a unique experience for your family. Some pets love rides and while others have to be eased in gradually. Your experience may vary according to your furry friend's temperament and their individual nature. But there are some tips that will help you keep them safe and happy while traveling in a campervan.

kid with pet in campervan

Safety First

It is important to give your pet an allocated space in the campervan but also to limit their mobility while the vehicle is moving to keep them safe. The best way to  travel with your pet safely is to either secure them with a harness in a seat or place them in a secure crate.

Make sure they are comfortable

Along with ensuring their safety, you should also keep their comfort in mind. Make sure that they have access to sufficient water and eatables. If you cannot keep a stable water bowl, don’t forget to offer them a sip every once in a while. Make sure that your pet is not kept hungry for a long period of time as it can cause irritation. 

Be sure to look out for bathroom signals and give them enough bathroom breaks.

It is also important to let them stretch out and move around whenever you take stops. If possible, stop at a dog park along the way so that they can let their energy out for a bit.

Campsite Tips

Inspect your campsite - Before setting up a tent, scrutinize the entire area to make sure there are no prickles, ant nests or dead animals. You should also look out for poisonous plants and animals off the beaten track. 

Set up a comfy camp for them - It is important for your furry friends to have a safe and comfortable stay. According to the weather, you should ensure that they stay cool/warm and have uninterrupted sleep. If possible, you should carry along dog beds or mats so that they can have an individual sleeping space.

Check your dog regularly - Ticks and fleas are a part and parcel of camping with your four-legged friends in Australia. So, it is essential to be up-to-date with their treatment and medications. But, just to be safe, you should check your dog for ticks and fleas once every day. After a day in nature, you should also check for prickles and burrs between their toes and around their paws.


Even though the preparations of taking your furry family members along may sound complex, the rewards of having them around when you travel are worth every bit. We hope these tips help you have a smooth campervan hire and camping experience. Get in touch with us to assist you with the best campervan experience.

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