02 Jan

This Summer Enjoy Some Audacious Road Trips In Australia!

The Summers in Australia are always about carrying out action-packed activities that bring enormous excitement and thrill. Since Australia is a country which is immensely notable for its lovely hinterlands, coastal towns, outbacks adventure, beautiful winding roads, extensive badlands, picture-perfect beaches, vast islands, and scrumptious food etc., you must do something especial this summer so that you can enjoy the aforementioned things.

What you can do is, you can go for a lovely summer road trip, as there are enough of incredible and mysterious roadways down under. In short, you must discover the alluring Australian roads as you can see several stunning places in every couple of miles and can do countless captivating activities. When it comes to planning a road trip in Australia you can hire a 4WD in cities like Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, and Hobart etc.

When you decide to go for it, you must consider that the road picked by you has less traffic and holiday crowd, so that you can drive without interruption.

1. Discover Captivating Places In Eyre Peninsula In South Australia

Australia has no death of stunning road trip options, and so when it comes to hitting the roads, it depends on what you want to explore on your way. For example, if you are looking forward to discovering breathtaking beaches, coastal towns, and ideal ocean views then you must think about the Eyre Peninsula that’s located in the state of South Australia. This phenomenal region is famous for its mouthwatering food, diverse wildlife, and captivating landscapes. Since the holiday road trips are all above having incredible fun you must look forward to exploring the seafood offered by this region.

You will surely enjoy driving on vast roads in Eyre Peninsula, which is located between the beautiful city of Adelaide and an open bay called the Great Australian Bight. The coastline in this region is popular for  watersports such as fishing, surfing, and snorkeling etc. In addition to that, your Eyre Peninsula road trip gives you can opportunity to explore the Nullarbor which is nothing but an extensive area without any trees.

What else can you expect from your road trip if you already have access to seductive beaches, quirky wildlife, delicious food and endless roads?

2. Uncover The Alpine Road In Victoria

If you want that absolute adventure then you must prepare yourself for exploring the extraordinary beauty of Great Alpine Road which covers the distance between Wangaratta ( a cathedral city) and Metung- a beautiful town that is located in the Victoria’s East Gippsland region. The distance between Wangaratta to Metung is around 339 kilometers which can be covered by you in 5 hours.

The Great Alpine Road makes it possible for you to discover victoria’s best kept secrets once you start your Journey from Wangaratta toward Metung. While hitting the road you can familiarize yourself with the victoria’s diverse landscapes including lush green forests, beautiful valleys, steep slopes, amazing vineyards, and mesmerizing mountain ranges etc.

3. Enjoy The Drive On Queensland’s Captain Cook Highway

The Captain Cook Highway that stretches from the city of cairns to the town of Port Douglas is one of the best places in Australia to go ahead with a road trip. Each and every part of Captain Cook Highway is remarkable and you will enjoy driving through it like anything. In short, if you are looking forward to an ideal road trip wherein you can keep on driving flawlessly, then you must think about the captain Cook Highway. Considering the fact that you always tend you find a soothing place to enjoy your holidays during the summer, the lovely stretch of road between the Captain Cook Highway and Port Douglas remains a great option for enjoying your road trip. You will find a lot of beautiful waterfalls and picture-perfect views on the way. If you want to spend a couple of days in this reason, you will find incredible campgrounds wherein you can stay overnight and park your vehicle safely.

You can discover the greenery of Daintree rainforest and a number of beautiful things that it offers.

4. Check Out New South Wales’s The Waterfall Way

All the road trip lovers out there will surely enjoy driving across the Waterfall Way - which is a lovely road in the state of New South Wales. This beautiful road starts from the Coffs Harbour, which is a tremendously stunning coastal city that is located on the north coast of NSW and extends all the way to the city of Armidale

Once you embark on this journey you can explore the breathtaking greenery offered by the Great Dividing Range or the Eastern Highlands. In addition to that, you can also visit Dorrigo National Park, wherein you can do a variety of activities such as walking, and hiking etc. 

While discovering the Waterfall Way, you will see a large number of beautiful waterfalls wherein you can stop and while away for hours. 

5. A Scenic Drive In The Bass Coast, Tasmania 

Tasmania is an absolutely perfect place for road trips, and hence if you are planning for the same this summer, you should definitely look forward to exploring the Bass Coast. This a perfect place for discovering enchanting farmlands and stunning views of the water from the Bass Strait. You can enjoy the beauty of rainforests and discover astounding wine-producing places. In addition to that, you can also do a lot of interesting activities in the fishing villages located in this region. 

So, if you love road trips, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned drives in Australia.

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