13 Dec

Splash Out the Ultimate Fun and Fascination On the Great Ocean Road Trip

Great Ocean Road – An Escape to Nature From Melbourne

Are you visiting Melbourne on your next holiday trip? If yes, a road trip to the Great Ocean Road should top the list. But by all means I am not asking you to get aboard a public transportation and spending some of your valuable moments there. Instead book campervan hire Melbourne well before your arrival in the Victorian city.

With a campervan hire, you can plan for visiting the 12 Apostles by noon hours, a lunch in one of the charming coastal towns, relaxing on a beach and return back to Melbourne either on the same day or the next day. If you are short on time, you can at least spare one whole day to explore the iconic and most scenic the Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road

It is recommended that you hit the road in the early morning; of course you can first have your brunch before you go on the road trip. Melbourne has no dearth of good and affordable places for coffee, snacks and some heavy meal options are there too. But remember Melbourne is word-famous for its coffee. So, your trip to this magnificent Australian city isn’t complete without sampling the taste of its best coffee.

Once you reach the highway, make your mind settle to drive 4 hours to reach the 12 apostles. Still, with a campervan rental Melbourne, you always have the freedom and flexibility to drive at your own pace, and certainly you can stop as and when you want.

Make a stop-over at Torquay to fill in your tummy with some yummy food again; you can also pay a visit to its beach and then go back to the road again. The itinerary has many twists and bends making your ride even more interesting. You can breathe in the fresh air and watch some of the most scenic landscapes on the earth.

Next you may stop at Lorne to enjoy surfing and refresh your body before you hit the road again. There are many other small towns on the way worth visiting; Apollo Bay is in rage amongst tourists. Once you reach the 12 Apostles, you will immediately realize why is one of the must-see places to visit in the world before you die.

Take in the views and you may return back to Melbourne through the same highway. But I have some more tips that can add more fun and happiness to this journey. Wondering what are they? Read on.

Tips for a perfect Road Tips

  • Kick off all worries and concerns once you are on the trip
  • Keep aside your gadgets and enjoy the views
  • Don’t hesitate in mingling with the other travelers
  • Get a real map and plan your entire journey at least a day before
  • Pack some healthy snacks
  • Charge your camera to the full a night before
  • Think of the games that can be played outdoor under open sky or while in the campervan
  • There are a few other important things you must carry such as a torch, license, insect repellant, ziplock bags, etc. Ask your campervan supplier company to learn more on this.

On a final note, remember it is the journey that matters not the destination! Make the most of your road trip to the Great Ocean Road!

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