06 Jul

Make Your Journey Memorable With Campervan In Melbourne

Melbourne is the place which is known as the coastal capital of the state of Victoria and is a convenient starting point to get the campervan to hire Melbourne. When it comes to beginning one of the most popular and renowned scenic coastal drives of Australia named The Great Ocean Road, Campervan hire can give extraordinary and over expected experience to their clients and people who are crazy to visit coastal caravan drives. The seaside route traverses more than 400 km alongside postcard-perfect views of windswept beaches and limestone cliffs, including the iconic 12 apostles.

Hiring a campervan in Melbourne will also cover the fantastic views of Geelong, the thriving waterfront precinct which marks Great Ocean Road’s Eastern Edge, covering the views of historical buildings and the National Wool Museum as key scenic features. If you are eager to cover the surfing hub of Torquay & Australian renowned and famous Bells Beach then campervan services will help you covering coastal views of Lorne Village, where you can stop for launch, stretch out your legs on the hike to the nearby waterfalls. 

Campervan In Melbourne

Best Campervan Hire Melbourne

If you are also keen to continue your RV hire Melbourne trip all the way to Victoria’s favourite fishing village. Booking your Campervan Rental Melbourne with top service providers. You can hire this service today in Melbourne to begin your enjoyable journey.

Benefits of Hiring Campervan Motorhomes at Melbourne

Convenient & Hessel-Free Journey:

Campervan Hire Melbourne are privately owned service providers that offer special facilities like comfort giving seats, kitchen facilities, private suits, water, refrigerator and washroom facilities. All campervans and motorhomes have such modern, flexible and convenient facilities & services to make your adventure more reliable, relevant and trouble-free.

Water Facilities:

Highly professional service providers are extremely fitted with an outboard freshwater tank, which will be full upon collection, and a hot system which works on gas. The freshwater facilities will contain for approximately a few days and can be easily monitored by the onboard control panel that will be allowed to notice how much water is left and when the tank needs proper refilling. 

Kitchen Services:

Campervan Services is fully equipped with a sink, gas burner and oven service which is totally supplied with all the essentials and necessities like cutleries, dinner set, cooking utensils, pans and kettles Teapots,etc. you don’t have to worry about carrying kitchen belongings, you can use storage cupboards, draws to store your food, items, and groceries. 

Refrigerator facilities:

All our Campervans and motorhomes are serviced with the refrigerator facilities in kitchen areas. Hiring campervans also give multifunctional refrigerators that work on engine batteries when driving and gas/12v system or 230v mains when you are parked. You just have to make sure to switch your refrigerator to the battery function and then turn the gas bottle off when driving.

Heating & Climate Control elements:

Campervan service providers can be helpful in giving fully furnished facilities of proper room heating, air conditioning and climate control services so that you can enjoy all year round with the onboard blown air heating facilities benefitted with the campervan services. They also give proper and high profile heating areas with an effective and efficient climate control system.

Hiring a campervan can be more useful and facilitated for those who like to travel the world especially want to take advantage of Melbourne Coastal drives and the beauty of nature. If you are one of them then Hiring Campervan can be more reliable, comfort giving and effective services while visiting Melbourne and travel Geelong, Coastal Beaches, Sydney and many more places.

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