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Key Tips for First-Time Motorhome Drivers In Australia

Are you someone who is about to go on a self-drive motorhome trip for the first time in Australia? If that’s true then the tips provided in the blog can prove to be really beneficial for you, in terms of elevating your holiday experience in Australia - which is a country with unique as well as extreme climatic conditions and incredible tourist destinations.

For all the first time motorhome drivers, who are planning to explore the vast lands of Australia by hitting the roads, there is a lot to learn from those who have experienced such trips multiple times on self-drive vehicle in the country. I think everybody knows it well that our experiences teach us a lot of things, which cannot be taught by others.

So, the tips that I am sharing with you through this blog are largely based on my motorhome trips in Australia. A few years back when I had gone for a week-long trip in Australia for the first time I had literally faced lots of problems which were certainly nowhere in mind when I started the trip with my family. But as we proceeded with the journey, unexpected problems started to surround us, for example many a times we faced water shortage, fuel problems, issues with road rules and regulations, and unfavorable climatic conditions etc. And due to all these issues we were unable to enjoy the trip the way we thought of it. However, irrespective of what we faced during our trip, the fact that Australia is unbelievably beautiful cannot be downplayed.

When it comes to exploring this country, motorhome trips are not only common among international tourists but they are equally popular among Australians.

Though self-drive vehicle trips (motorhome and campervan) are supposed to be really inexpensive but improper planning has a huge potential to ruin them.

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Important Tips for First-time Motorhome Drivers in Australia

Have a Fair Idea about the Climatic Conditions of Australia

While planning your motorhome trip to discover Australia, you must be aware of the extreme and uncommon climatic conditions of this country, which can really create a lot of hurdles for you. Because it is positioned on the southern hemisphere, when compared to other countries in the world, in Australia seasons like winter, summer, spring and autumn are experienced on altogether different times. For example, here the summer season begins from December and stays till February, whereas the winter starts from June and goes up to August.

There are a few Australian states wherein you can experience the snow in the winters, however, you won’t find the same conditions everywhere in the country. That means there are a lot of states which do not receive snowfall in the winters.

So, if you are coming to Australia from some other country, you should be knowing everything about the climatic conditions in order to avoid your trip during extreme climatic conditions. According to me, you should travel this country when it experiences moderate climate and that’s mainly during spring and autumn.

Plan your Destinations and Accordingly the Routes

After getting sufficient information about the climatic conditions, the next thing that you should be doing is to list out all the tourist attractions and the routes you would be taking to explore them. By carrying out extensive planning and research on where you want to travel, what are you looking forward to seeing and which routes you want to follow you can save a good amount of money and time.

Sometimes while carrying out a road trip between two cities, you might not find necessary things like petrol station, restaurants, and garage etc., within short distances. So you really need to prepare well for the trip, in order to avoid the shortages of necessary things on the way. 

Select a Right Vehicle for Camping

You should select a vehicle depending upon the number of people who are the part of your trip, places that you want to see, and the days you want to spend in this country. On the basis of all these factors, you can easily figure out a vehicle that best suits your needs.

Motorhomes come with incredible facilities such as kitchen equipment or essentials (like coffee maker, crockery, sink and fridge etc.,), beds, and toilet etc. 

Book your Vehicle in Advance

After selecting the vehicle, you should also try to book it in advance from Adelaide based motorhome rentals so that you do not face issues pertaining to rates later on. That means if you book a vehicle well in advance there are chances that you may get good concession on it.

List Out the Things that you won’t get with the Vehicle

You might require a lot of other things apart from the facilities that you get with your vehicle hence, it’s better to list them out and arrange them additionally for your trip.

Driving Rules

Last but not the least, equip yourself with sufficient information when it comes to driving rules and regulations, in order to avoid driving problems and getting charged with a fine.

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