27 May

Intriguing Darwin: Explore these Fascinating Road Trips

Darwin, a port city on the Northern Bay of Australia is also one of the most famous tourist destinations here. It witnesses a footfall of more than one million tourists in a year. The place is pretty well known among the Australian domestic tourists and it is gaining more and more popularity internationally too. The best time to visit here is April to September, as the other months from October bring in monsoon rains. April and May are typically cooler and then the temperatures start rising until the monsoons.

Exploring the Pleasures of Road Trips in Darwin

Tread your way to the National Park of Kakadu

It is around 170 kms in the southeast direction of Darwin. A large part of Darwin’s tourists are headed to this national park. Abundance of wildlife and flora along with the cultural significance make the visit to Kakadu worthwhile. Crocodiles of the salt water with their ferocious size are a treat to witness here at Kakadu. Being preserved, forest hunting is prohibited. However Fishing is allowed and forms the main attractions. The best fishing points are around South and the East of the Alligator River. Kakadu is a bird watchers' heaven as it houses 30 % of Australia’s species of birds. The cultural significance is evident in the ancient rock art. 

A pleasurable trip to the national park of Litchfield

If you drive towards the south west direction of Darwin, you come across the national park of Litchfield. If you want to relax and avoid driving, avail of a campervan Hire Darwin service to ease your travel. It’s hardly a couple of hours of drive from Darwin. The many treasures of the Litchfield are its beautiful waterfalls. Two waterfalls plunging into an amazing swimming hole at Florence is the best among them. The others include the easily accessible Wangi falls. Plunging from a great height and making home to rare species of bats are Tolmer falls, Tjaetaba Falls, and many more.

Indulge in wildlife exploration at Nitmiluk National Park

This is closest to Darwin with just a 244 km drive in the South-East from Darwin. It is situated on the banks of Katherine River and its 13 gorges. Thus it was initially named the Katherine Gorge Park. The river also forms different levels of rapids making it ideal for rafting and also kayaking. There are fresh water crocks in the river, but they cause no harm to humans. Some points in the river are also marked as safe for swimming, but only in the warmer season of April to September. Swimming during the monsoons is completely prohibited in the park. Apart from the fresh water crocks, the other species of wildlife include a lot of birds. The red winged parrots are attractions in particular. 

The above destinations are distanced from each other but not very far apart. Campervans hire service in Darwin can be nice for a pleasurable and convenient travel in all of these destinations. This is more so because travellers will never like to engage in driving and would rather love to enjoy their rides.

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