31 Jan

Interesting Things To Enjoy In Sydney This Summer!

If you are planning to visit Sydney this summer, then must know what to do once you reach this amazingly beautiful multicultural city. This applies more to all the international tourists, who come to Australia from Asian, European and American countries, as they really have limited time in their hands when it comes to exploring a new place or city.

That means before you set your foot in Sydney this summer, you must have a road map ready with you in terms of what to explore and what not to explore. It really works hundred percent when you know the city is huge and it has hundreds of beautiful things to offer, wherein you can literally get confused in terms of what to discover.

So if you have a road map ready, you don’t need to be bothered about missing out something that you desperately want to discover. For exploring every single tourist attraction in the city, it’s drive around in a 4WD rental vehicle. 

Here is Our List of 10 Interesting Things that you can Look Forward to Enjoying in Sydney

1. Explore The Madness Of Sydney Festival

If in case you are visiting Sydney in the month of January then you can fully enjoy the frenzy of Sydney Festival which is going to start from January 7, 2016, and will continue to run till January 26, 2016. During the festival, you can explore stunning visual arts that come from some of the best artists in the city.

2. Explore Sydney’s Food And Wine

If you talk about Sydney in terms of its food, I am sure that this bustling multicultural city is never going to disappoint you. In Sydney you get amazing cakes and pastries, all very colourful. These mouth-watering bakery products can be grabbed by you from any cafe in the city. And if you want to enjoy the wine, you must hit the rooftop bars in the city which can turn out to be really interesting.

In addition, to that, you can also explore the Angel Hotel’s J&M whisky bar, which it comes to enjoying classic whiskies.

3. Explore The Performances At Sydney Opera House

If you are the music lover, visiting the iconic Sydney Opera House is a must for you. You really cannot afford to miss it as it offers some of the most incredible live performances in the city. This stunning 20th-century building consists of a concert hall, Joan Sutherland Theatre, Drama Theatre, Playhouse, Utzon Room, and Playhouse etc.

4. Discover The Beauty Of Port Jackson

Port Jackson, which is a stunning natural harbour in Sydney consists of the waters from Middle Harbour, North Harbour, Sydney Harbour and Parramatta Rivers. This place gets enormous attention during local festivals and events like new years eve.

5. Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour, which is another interesting and famous recreational point in the city is located right next to Sydney’s city centre in New South Wales. Its beauty can only be enjoyed once you are there, that means it’s quite difficult to explain how it feels to be in Darling Harbour. All I can say is exploring this place is truly an awesome experience.

6. Sydney Harbour Bridge 

During summers, a large number of tourists from across the world visit Sydney Harbour Bridge because it gives an awesome view of the city. Once you step over it, you can enjoy the cool breeze can have a clear-cut view of the surrounding areas.

7. Discover Bondi Beach

There is little doubt that Bondi Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in Australia, you must explore its golden sands and incredible waters. Bondi beach remains busy and crowded throughout the year, that means it can be visited in any season.

8. Manly Beach

Sydney is truly blessed with stunning beaches and the Manly beach is one among them. It is located in Manly in New South Wales. The town is fully packed with incredible shopping centres, stunning bars and beautiful restaurants. Some of these places can be explored by tourists within walking distance from the beach.

9. Tamarama Beach

You should also explore Tamarama Beach which is located some 7 kilometres away from central business district of Sydney.

10. Explore the City’s History and Culture

Discovering a city’s history and culture remains a crucial part of a holiday trip, and hence you must visit all the renowned art galleries and museums in the city.

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