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Hut Hikes in New South Wales - the Do's and Don'ts

Hut hikes are extremely prevalent in certain countries like New Zealand and are also a lesser-known aspect of hiking here in New South Wales. New South Wales is on the eastern coastline of Australia bordered by Queensland and Victoria and has some national parks that offer hut-hiking. It also has some amazing multi-day hikes and mountain peaks that can make any hiker’s heart go racing. Campervans in Australia are usually the solution for hikers that choose to hike around the wilderness overnight, but hut-to-hut hiking is another option where the explorers can experience a stress-free expedition.

Campervans in Australia

Some unsaid rules that you should be aware of while hut-hiking in New South Wales

If you are heading out on a hike for the first time or for the umpteenth time there are certain basic do’s and don’ts that one should be careful throughout the journey. A multi-day hike requires a lot of materials to be carried along to survive the treacherous nights in the mountains but such hut hikes or campervans can be your saviors as you will not have to carry your tents while walking uphill. This gives more room to accommodate other necessities in your backpack and also lightens the load on your back.

Plan and Prepare


always do a lot of background search about the hiking trails you are going to explore. You will need this information to pack accordingly. The research will help you create an appropriate checklist of things that you will need to carry along. You can check the locations of the huts and what they offer in terms of meals and other amenities. Preparing ourselves with this information beforehand will give us a great advantage while we are out there in nature.


you should never leave the packing and planning to the last day as this will cause a lot of havoc and make it very hectic for you. You will most likely forget some essential items while in a hurry. Don’t leave for the trails without the proper guide maps.

Hiker’s Etiquettes

When on the road you need to have a set of etiquettes that show your respect for other hikers and should always follow the saying “Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footsteps”.


the most crucial do in this list is to socialize. You will meet some of the most incredible people during the hut-hiking process, so share your experiences and exchange niceties while making smores around the campfire. Make sure that you share good vibes and respect the fellow travelers. Be kind and share your supplies if you notice that someone is short of some essentials.


While hut hiking you might have to share the facility with other people. Make sure that you don’t litter around and always pick up after yourself. When sharing the hut, make sure you don’t use bright flashlights if others are sleeping. Use headlamps around the hut so that the tired hikers aren’t disturbed.

Survival Necessities

As mentioned earlier, you need to have some essentials packed for your multi-day hut hiking adventure in New South Wales.


It includes packing things like adequate food and snacks, water, insect repellants, and first-aid kits. Your research should also entail information about the weather conditions on the trails that you choose to hike. You need to pack accordingly i.e. appropriate boots that won't get wet, jackets and winter wear that will keep you warm, etc.


It mostly consists of not forgetting your maps and compasses on your hiking expedition. Don’t rely on the GPS on your phone as you might not receive network go service as you go deep into the wilderness.

Do’s: Enjoy; Don’ts: Stress

Make sure you follow these on your little escape from the world. Book your campervans and huts in advance. Plan the route thoroughly and enjoy it without any inhibitions. These do’s and don'ts will give you a general idea to help you out. Make sure you have a good time while keeping these in mind. Multi-day hikes can be a great bonding experience, whether it is with yourself or a loved one. Fruitfully utilize these days and explore the nature and wilderness while leaving the buzz of the traffic and town behind. 

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