19 Jan

How to Plan a Trip of a Lifetime in Australia

If you are dreaming an epic road trip in Australia, campervan rental comes next to nothing. The country is so vast that you can travel miles and miles exploring those remote yet worth-a-visit destinations. Campervan hire isn’t in vogue amongst international travellers but it is equally popular amongst natives too.

Often we consider campervan holidays as a budget trip. But the fact is a lack of advance planning can make it more expensive than those guided private tours. If you need some advise and tips for your next adventure trip in Australia, continue reading.

Decide your Itinerary

Well before you start browsing the internet to book your choice of wheels, make sure you have decided your travel route and itinerary in detail first. Certainly you don’t have all your life for this adventure road trip. Moreover, the country is so vast that you can only travel a fraction of one territory at a time.

Different terrains in Australia will have different levels of road conditions and weather conditions. Some real outback destinations may pose more challenges during your trip while some roads will let you drive hassle-free. While planning the travel itinerary, always consider more time that you know you actually will need. Once you have designed the whole itinerary ready, check if your campervan rental provider allows carrying their vehicle on all those road stretches.

Weather in the Country

After itinerary, this is second most important steps in planning a perfect road trip. Learn about Australian weather conditions in different seasons. If you are planning a road trip in northern territory, you can expect a warm to hot climate year round. Temperature sometimes exceeds to 50 degree Celsius in South Australia.

Spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) are considered as the best time to travel Australia. To be even more precise, you can learn the climate conditions for the planned route. This will help you pack things accordingly!

Select your Campervan

Typically, campervans come with 2-6 berth capacity. Most of them facilitate mobile toilet and shower too. For rocky roads, you better choose 4WD instead of campervans. However, campervan makes a perfect choice for long distance trips; these vans come with all basic facilities like beds, cooking facility, crockery, sink, fridge, etc to make you feel the comfort of home when you are far away from home.

How many berths you will need? Will you need shower and toilet on the wheels? How many co-passengers you have? Answer these questions to choose the right wheels for your trip. Budget and comfort are also two important criteria in making the right selection.

Some Important Things to Consider Before you Book Campervan Rental in Australia

  • There is a minimum age criteria applicable to everyone who wants to rent a campervan in Australia. You need to be at least 21 years or older to hire a campervan.
  • Most campervans feature manual transmission.
  • In Australia, you need to drive on the left side of the road.
  • Most campervan rental companies allow different pick-up and drop-off locations. But make sure the company has a depot at the final stop of your itinerary. Learn if they have charge some extra fee for a different drop-off location.
  • Insurance charges may be mandatory for one supplier and it may not be the case with other supplier. Check with your rental provider company about the insurance charges first.
  • Confirm the pick-up and drop-off facility of the supplier company during the weekend, if you happen to need it!
  • You may also seek advice from a supplier company to plan your travel itinerary. The campervan hire company will help you choose right vehicle and right pathways.
  • Carry extra blanket, a coffee pot or any other supplement you may need during the road trip. This will add to your comfort and convenience during the journey.
  • Check your vehicle properly from the inside out to ensure it is in perfect condition.

Research for the Best Campsites or Caravan Parks

Australia has no dearth of campsites. Caravan parks and camping grounds are dotted all across the country. Some campsites charge a fee per night to allow you park your wheels and some may be free. You can do your research a few weeks ago and enjoy camping with your campervan rental.

If an Aussie road trip is in your travel bucket list, consider the above tips to make it a truly mesmerizing road trip!

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