15 Apr

How to Keep Your Kids Occupied During School Holidays In Australia

As school holidays are just around the corner, it's time for parents to figure out activities that can keep their kids occupied in Australia. There is little doubt that children need a lot of attention, and if you fail to give it to them, they get bored and become unhappy. Therefore, it's always better to keep them occupied in activities that they love the most.

One of the best ways to make your child happy is to organise a trip to the iconic cities in Australia and allow them to do all sorts of crazy activities. You can look for the best school holiday destinations in Australia, and plan a wonderful trip with your whole family. You will not only get a chance to spend some quality moments with your loved ones, but it will also break the everyday monotony. 

Australia has tons of remarkable holiday destinations that can keep your kids occupied for days.

However, if you don't know where to take your kids during the upcoming Australian school holidays, you can refer to the list that Aussie Campervan has created for you.

1. Melbourne

A beautiful coastal city in the state of Victoria, Melbourne is without a doubt one of the most spectacular school holiday destinations in Australia. Brimming with family-friendly attractions such as picnic spots, gardens, amusement parks, and museums, Melbourne is the perfect place to spend 2019 Australian school holidays. 

Activities That You Can Perform With Your Child In Melbourne 

  1. If you have a teenage child, you can have some great time attending the Festival de Luxe from 6-27 April 2019 with them
  2. You can also have tremendous fun with your child exploring the famous giant mouth at Luna Park
  3. You can indulge in shopping in the Queen Victoria Market
  4. You can explore tons of exotic plants in the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
  5. However, if your child is only 5-years old or younger, let them have fun in the Pauline Gandel Children's Gallery within the Melbourne Museum

2. Sydney

One of the largest cities in Australia, Sydney is an ideal holiday destination for families because it is home to awe-inspiring attractions that can keep children entertained from dawn to dusk. It's a city that's enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Activities That You Can Perform With Your Child In Sydney

  1. Have fun in Bondi Beach exploring hall street cafes 
  2. Explore the Sydney Opera House, an iconic venue for carrying out art, music and cultural events 
  3. Discover the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a gigantic steel arched bridge, for picture-perfect views of the city 
  4. Enjoy quality time exploring the unique wildlife of Australia at Featherdale Wildlife Park
  5. Explore Vivid Sydney, a spectacular festival of light, music and ideas from May 24, 2019, to June 15 2019
  6. If your child is above 15-years, you can have a great time with them exploring the Australian National Maritime Museum

3. Adelaide

A melting pot of cultures, Adelaide is a fabulous city in the state of South Australia. Packed with unbelievable attractions that attract people of all ages, Adelaide is one of the best places to enjoy some memorable moments with your loved ones during the upcoming school holidays. 

Activities That You Can Perform With Your Child In Adelaide 

  1. Discover walking trails with scenic vistas, and native wildlife in the Cleland Conservation Park
  2. Explore recreation and picnic areas in Victoria Square 
  3. Discover exhibits on South Australian history at Migration Museum
  4. Explore kid-friendly attractions such as wooden-toy factory at Big Rocking Horse
  5. Spend time playing outdoor games at one of the playgrounds at the Adelaide Park Lands 

4. Perth

If you haven't been to Perth on a holiday trip yet, perhaps it's time to organise one now. The capital of Western Australia, Perth is known for its sandy beaches, shopping destinations, cafes, amusement parks and many things to do

Activities That You Can Perform With Your Child In Perth

  1. Explore the Aquarium of Western Australia that features an underwater tunnel and interactive touch pool 
  2. Have a great time discovering the Adventure World, a theme park with adventurous rides
  3. Discover the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, a spectacular public parkland that overlooks the Swan River 
  4. Discover the Fremantle Markets, an iconic Victorian marketplace with a busy indoor market
  5. Discover the beauty of Swan Valley, one of the most iconic wine producing regions in Australia 
  6. Discover the Fremantle Prison, a unique jail featuring interactive cultural exhibits on prison life

5. Darwin

The capital of the state of Northern Territory, Darwin has a lot to offer to the people of all ages. Famous for its beaches, museums and art galleries, and parks, etc., Darwin is a great place to spend the upcoming school holidays. 

Activities That You Can Perform With Your Child In Darwin

  1. Explore the Mindil Beach, a beach that's famous for its night markets
  2. Visit Crocosaurus Cove to spot saltwater crocodiles 
  3. Discover the Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory featuring rock art, fossils and maritime history 
  4. Explore native and tropical plants at George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens 
  5. Discover war exhibits at Darwin Military Museum 
  6. Explore shopping destinations, eateries, and conference centre at Darwin Waterfront Precinct
  7. Visit Bicentennial Park featuring war memorials and gardens
  8. Explore the aviation museum at Australian Aviation Heritage Centre
  9. Discover Leanyer Recreation Park featuring a water playground, park, picnic areas

6. Cairns

Located in the state of Queensland, Cairns is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. A gateway to the iconic Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is a city that's surrounded by amazing destinations. 

Activities That You Can Perform With Your Child In Cairns 

  1. Experience the Gondola rides to discover the beauty of rainforest through Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
  2. Take a railway tour to get the iconic views of the rainforest 
  3. Visit the Rainforest Nature Park to enjoy the beauty of tropical gardens
  4. Explore Barron Falls, and take some excellent picture if you are a photographer at heart 
  5. Visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Park if you want to know more about the history of Australian Aboriginal culture 
  6. Discover the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary to spot beautiful butterflies in a rainforest-like environment
  7. Enjoy activities like snorkelling and scuba diving at Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises
  8. Visit the Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome, a wildlife park featuring zip lines and rope climbing
  9. Explore animals like koalas, kangaroos, and wombats, etc., at Kuranda Koala Gardens 
  10. Visit Crystal Cascades to explore rainforest waterfalls and swimming holes 
  11. Explore unique tropical flowers at Cairns Botanic Gardens 

However, if you are not interested in exploring the cities, you can also organise a road trip to discover tranquil destinations. For example, you can plan a road trip from Cairns to Port Douglas, and explore all the spectacular attractions along the way. You can take a break whenever you find a beautiful place and come out of your car to explore it fully. It takes roughly one hour and ten minutes to drive from Cairns to Port Douglas, but you will have a great time with your loved ones both during your journey and after you reach your destination. 

You can access the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas, and have a wonderful time with your loved ones exploring this iconic attraction. Once you reach the Great Barrier Reef, you can try water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, and fishing, etc. 

Similarly, you can take a drive on the iconic Great Ocean Road, and make the most of your trip by carrying out activities that you have never done before, for example, you can take a break at a beachside village and stay there for a night.

If you want to explore nature at its best, a drive on the Great Ocean Road is the right option for you. From rugged coastlines to beautiful rivers, the Great Ocean Road is brimming with unique attractions. 

You can explore attractions like Twelve Apostles, Great Otway National Park, Bells Beach, Erskine Falls on the iconic Great Ocean Road. 

Road trips are amazing experiences; they not only refresh your mind but also change a lot of things in your life such as the way you look at the world around you because you learn a lot from your experiences. Road trips are not only about exploring new places, but they also allow you to meet new people, learn about their cultures, and explore their food. And such experiences give you an entirely new perspective on life. 

Apart from that, road trips also allow you to come closer to your family because that's the time when you give your entire time to them. Nothing prevents you from having some quality time with your loved ones when you are away from your office. You neither have to check your emails nor attend any meetings. You can use your time to carry out adventurous or funfilled activities with your loved ones.

And the best part is that children love road trips. They not only enjoy visiting new places and exploring new cuisines but also feel very happy because they don't have to focus on their studies, and think about their homework.

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