25 Mar

Glen Helen Central Australia | Best road trips to explore via campervan in Alice Springs

Glen Helen is another one of the many natural wonders that you do not want to miss on a  campervan road trip in Alice Springs. Located approx. 130 km west of Alice Springs along the Namatjira Drive (West MacDonnell Ranges) – Glen Helen is a truly scenic waterhole framed by red cliffs. The Glen Helen resort is a popular overnight stop especially for visitors discovering the Red Centre Way from Alice Springs to Uluru.

Glen Helen
Image Source:  Expedia.com

The geology origins of Glen Helen Gorge dates back more than 500 million years. The landscape of this stunning gorge with the Finke River (a permanent waterhole) flowing through it is further enhanced with its unique flora and fauna, migrating waterbirds, rock wallabies, and reptiles. You will not miss the towering sandstone wall and views across Mount Sonder (the highest point in Central Australia) and is known for changing colors with light.

Best road trips to explore via campervan in Alice Springs

We suggest hiking the many sections of Larapinta Trail with easy access from Alice Springs. This area can be accessed by 2WD vehicles and most of the major roads are well maintained and in good condition.

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