23 Jun

Get Ready For a Dazzling Darwin Tour

Why Go Darwin?

You just step out the plane and you see a Spiegeltent – and this is how you enter in Darwin. Bestowed with abundance nature’s gems and its unrivaled beauty, Darwin is like a whole new world within Australia. From the mild tropical weather to the locals you will see in its streets, the capital of northern territory of Australia is an exotic destination.

The city is home to great Asian food markets, art galleries and museums. And if you are arriving between May to October, i.e. in dry months, you can tuck into one of its incredible cultural festivals. But the most exciting part of your Darwin tour begins when you hire a campervan and drive it outside the city going in the lap of the nature.

Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, and Berry Springs Nature Reserve are the top must-see destination for travellers. These destinations are a matter of only a few hours’ drive from the city and thus most recommended for tourists on holidays. 

What is the city famous for?

George Brown Botanic Gardens

It’s mainly famous for its crocodile adventures, campervan rides, year-round tropical climate and taste-tingling food. It is also one of the best places in the country for maritime excursions such as shark and whale watching. Don’t miss to visit the trees house of the city which is home to 400 bird species and take a walk through the George Brown Botanic Gardens where you will see kites, eagles and honeyeaters flying in open-air.

Top Attractions of Darwin:

If you love sunsets and bustling markets, you will love Darwin too. 

A Shopping Paradise & Entertainment Hub

Mindli Beach Market

No tour to Darwin is complete without watching the ultimate market madness at Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. The markets held twice in a week, on Thursday and Sunday night, mostly during dry season. You will see a big herd of locals as well as foreign travellers jam-packing the markets and trying fresh juices, mouth-watering cuisines and desserts at almost never-ending line of stalls. If you want to have a local taste, look for an Aussie burger stall.

In addition to gourmand’s delights, the markets also feature rides for kids, magnificent art scenes, handcrafted items, gift stalls and street entertainment. Parap Markets are a perfect spot for Saturday brunch. And they are open year-round. The city has many other great pleases to treat your taste buds. Hire a four-wheel and move around!

Picture-perfect Sunsets

Darwin Sunset

Head down to Fannie Bay in East Point Reserve and witness a heart-stopping slow Darwin sunset event. Alternatively, you can prefer to take an evening walk at Darwin Harbour. If you have rented a campervan in Darwin, you can enjoy evening in one of the wide open spaces of campsites and soak up the beauty of nature.

Visit Darwin in the Season of many Colours

The stunning sunsets, wonderful nature’s scenery and the beautiful raindrops – you will experience these all if you visit the city during this time of the year. The city and its surrounding transform into a small paradise on earth during the dry season which lasts from April to October.

Darwin is indeed an alluring gem of tropical Australia. So, when are you arriving in the city.

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