27 Jul

Get Around Hobart and Its Surroundings the Tasmanian Way

Hobart seamlessly blends the old world charm with novelty and adds the dash of green forests and blue seas to make it a complete package. It makes for a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the mainland Tasmania. TripAdvisor has recently positioned Hobart in the top 10 destinations of the world. Apart from seaside attractions, there are sites like museums and events that the city hosts like Hobart taste festivals.

A Day-Trip to Mt Wellington

Mt Wellington

A perfect spot for nature lovers as the mountain has a mesmerizing beauty. Replete with Eucalyptus trees, the mountain changes colour from pink to blue and purple. During the winters, the mountain is snow-clad and its beauty enhances manifold. You can reach the Mt. Wellington in half an hour drive from the city and witness the aura of nature in its full bloom. A bluish haze covers the mountain when the sun shines as the oil droplets in the atmosphere due to the presence of Eucalyptus trees refracts the blue light. Once you reach atop the mountain preferably by a car, a breath-taking view of Tasmanian Peninsula and Dervent Valley await you.

Visiting the Port Arthur

Port Arthur

Though an infamous spot in the Australian history for the Gaol and convict settlement, the place is a must visit as the site is well preserved. The dilapidated homes with magnificent architecture tell the stories of atrocities inflicted upon the people. A church stands half burnt at the port with a backdrop of Blue Ocean and Tasmanian Peninsula will develop a mixed feeling in your heart. Guided tours are conducted on the port for convenience of the visitors. A short cruise trip to the Isle of dead is conducted to reminisce the past.

Wine Touring Opportunities

Wine lovers cannot afford to miss out the opportunity to visit the beautiful villages that are a perfect spot for research, picnic and photography and most importantly tasting exotic wine. Huon, Derwent and Coal River Valleys are famous villages offer wine tasting. There is immense beauty spread across these areas. The cool climate wines available here have received many awards and are available for tasting through cellar-door. These vineyards are at a convenient distance from Hobart. The climate also favours fruit wines and whiskeys.

A Visit to the Mount Field National Park

A heaven for nature lovers, the national Park is 80 kilometres away from Hobart and is home to a wide variety of animals, rare plants and herbs. You can take the service of Campervan rental Hobart to access the park. The valleys and the snow-covered mountains are believed to be formed in the ice age. You can take a short drive to Lake Dobson to see the alpine grass lands. However, this road is preferred to drive through in the winters unless the vehicle is a powerful one with a 4 wheel drive system. Many native and migratory birds can be seen in the park. Animals like black cockatoos and green rosellas are found in the park.

Hobart is one of the most beautiful places in the world that cannot be described in merely words. Book a Campervan Hire Hobart service and find a new you while holidaying in this Tasmanian capital.

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