04 Mar

Free Camping - Everybody loves a freebie

Everybody loves a freebie. When you hire a campervan for a road trip in Sydney, there is nothing more exhilarating than to find a lovely camping spot to park your campervan for the evening and it is FREE.

All around Australia it is possible to find “freedom” or “free” camping spots. This means setting up camp on public land or parking your campervan in areas specifically designated for free camping.

We do not recommend you pull up on the side of the road and park your campervan for the night. Instead, keep a lookout for rest stops or bush camps off the main road. Look out for signs and check that you are permitted to park as local councils can issue fines. Also, note that some free campsites have time restrictions. You want to ensure that your holiday does not end up a costly adventure by camping in a restricted area. Each state in Australia has different laws regarding free camping – so follow the rules and be vigilant.

Free Camping

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