04 Mar

Free Camping - Everybody loves a freebie

Everybody loves a freebie. When you hire a campervan for a road trip in Sydney, there is nothing more exhilarating than to find a lovely camping spot to park your campervan for the evening and it is FREE.

All around Australia it is possible to find “freedom” or “free” camping spots. This means setting up camp on public land or parking your campervan in areas specifically designated for free camping.

We do not recommend you pull up on the side of the road and park your campervan for the night. Instead, keep a lookout for rest stops or bush camps off the main road. Look out for signs and check that you are permitted to park as local councils can issue fines. Also, note that some free campsites have time restrictions. You want to ensure that your holiday does not end up a costly adventure by camping in a restricted area. Each state in Australia has different laws regarding free camping – so follow the rules and be vigilant.

Free Camping

You will find many blogs and apps that will assist with finding a free camp relatively easily. We recommend Wikicamps – a popular app that many of our customers use. If you are planning to visit any of Australia’s National Parks - please check out the respective park’s website for more information on opening times, rules around camping, places to visit, and things to see.

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Tips for Free Camping:

Surf the Net:

You can Google for more information on free camping spots. You will find directions and maps to many free camping spots coupled with reviews and pics. Always worthwhile checking up on the most recent posts. You do not want to turn up at a free campsite only to be charged a fee as the situation may change. Also check out for handy information on the whereabouts for dump stations, petrol kiosks, public toilets, and free WiFi.

Early bird catches the worm:

Arriving early will certainly help you secure a “nice” spot for your free camp especially with popular campsites which will fill up rather quickly. Many of these camping places are spots where fellow travelers can rest during their long drives.

Respect fellow campers:

You may encounter wildlife when free camping so it is important to remember that these animals are wild and do not approach them for your own safety and theirs. Do not feed or harass these animals or dump any rubbish that they may eat. 

Be Water Wise:

Many free camps won't have drinking water so use water sensibly to last you the duration of your stay. Bring more than you need. Always wise to carry a few more bottles of drinking water and hydrate yourself often.

Keep it Simple:

With facilities at a minimum, you will find a simple sandwich and/or salad is the best way to go. Keeping your meals simple also means less washing up and water usage. Some camping spots may have a BBQ so you can save on your LP-Gas fuel on board.

Chat to the experts:

There will always be someone at each free campsite who has been or is traveling to where you are heading. Exchange notes with other campers for more information on the best free camping spots. There is a real community spirit amongst fellow campers both online as well as off. You may also find Facebook groups and pages providing more information on free camping.

Leave no trace:

When using any designated fire pit please ensure the fire is fully extinguished before you leave. Fire embers can smolder and easily reignite so we suggest you completely extinguished any fire with water. Please take all your rubbish with you if no bins are provided.

Last Tip:

Stay safe, and leave the campsite a better place than you found it.

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