29 Jan

Exploring the Wilder Side of Sydney

The kookaburra smiled at us and a tiny wallaby whispered something, while a lizard with a blue tongue came closer to our camera as if she is ready to give a great snap! Stone photoengraving of fish and the national animal Kangaroo evidenced imposing and solemn sites of aboriginal people of Australia.

The odorous gum trees and eucalyptus’ forests awaited for us on our pathways in the outskirts of Sydney, said a traveller who recently travel around the breathtaking surroundings of Sydney with a motorhome rental.

Interestingly, you need not drive so long to reach the lush green scenery of nature from the bustling Australian city of Sydney; just drive around six km and you are presented with the bush. However, if you are in search of some wilder scenes of Sydney outback, read on.

Some Must-Visit Wild Destinations Around Sydney

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Enjoy panoramic views of 3 sister rock formation at Echo Point. And don’t return home without trying a coo-wee at Echo Point; just go checking out how many echoes you get back. Climb down the 1000 steps to Jamieson Valley and you will reach to the World Heritage Plaza, which is home to many shops.

Grand Blue Mountain Canyo

The Grand Canyon, a shrunken gorge about 180m deep, carved into the yellow-orange hued sandstone by the waters of Greaves Creek, uphill of Beauchamp Falls. For those not aware, this Australian canyon is approximately five times older than the world-famous Colorado Canyon of America. Enjoy bushwalking through the forest here and explore the fern gullys, tunnels passing through rocks, waterfalls and panoramic views of Grose Canyon.

Wentworth Waterfall

It is arguably the most spectacular waterfall in the Blue Mountains. You can watch the top half section of these falls from Princess Rock by parking your van in the nearby area, however if you really want to admire the beauty of the Wentworth Falls then you must plan a bushwalking tour of the area.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park is the ultimate destination for those wishing a unique journey where they can discover over 300 species of the country’s enchanting wildlife. It is a great place to arrive with family, especially with kids; you can spend the whole day watching the Koala and Kangaroo.

Reptile Park

Situated near Gosford, Central Coast, this award-winning Reptile Park hosts many enthralling wildlife shows and animal interactions throughout the year. From the giant Galapagos tortoise, Elvis - NSW's biggest crocodile, exotic reptiles, spiders, python, and wombat or cuddly koala, the park features a whole bunch of wildlife scenes that will fill your journey with lots of unforgettable memories and experiences.

Besides its numerous tourist attractions within the city border, Sydney features a whole gamut of destinations that are worth exploring before you die and are best visited by motorhome rentals.

So, hurry up folks. Book your fully equipped campervan service in Sydney online today and get set for an adventurous, fun-filled, lifetime memorable holiday escape!

Happy Holidaying!

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