25 Aug

Explore Cairns in an Adventurous Way!!

Travelers love to explore a location through several means. They wish to do things differently and thus come up with amazing adventurous ideas of exploration. Cairns is an important tourist destination of Australia. And you have a number of options to explore the beauty of this beautiful Australian location.

Get up early and go for a hot air balloon ride in the morning, hire a private helicopter ride and take a pause at a deserted beach, book helicopter tour which provides stop offs at islands for picnics and snorkeling. Or, another charming way to mesmerize your trip is jump in your car, pave your way through lush eucalypt and rainforest to golden beaches and beautiful small town stopping off anywhere you wish along the countryside.

Let’s learn about some of the most exciting ways to explore Cairns.

Cairns Hot Air Ballooning

Explore the romance, calm serenity and wonder of an exotic hot air balloon ride on the tropical region of Cairns. Enjoy the amazing view of beaches, Great Barrier Reef, plains, hills, mountain ranges and glorious gum trees in a 45 or 60 minute hot air balloon flight.

Great Barrier Reef Magnificent Helicopter Tour and Enjoy Cruise from Cairns

Great Barrier Reef Magnificent Helicopter Tour

Fly over the glorious Great Barrier Reef…!!! Go for a lovely helicopter tour from Cairns flying over the marvelous Great Barrier Reef and then cruise, dive and snorkel and gigantic Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the world. You’ll surely have some memorable aerial views of the marine and coral life of the location.

Tower Bungy Jumping Experience at Cairns

Climb on top of a multistoried tower for a lifetime experience. Either touch water or remain dry, but bungy jumping will surely send a chill in your spine. Check out the best of the Cairns from the top with an adventurous experience.

Kuranda Amazing Railway, Skyrail Trip

SkyRail Trip

Hit the rain forest through rails, sky and enjoy an action-packed trip from Cairns. Book the Kuranda Railways from Cairns, shop at the Kuranda Market, hop-in in the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and make your back to Cairns. An amazingly rewarding day!

Cairns Jungle Swing

In this 45 minutes Swing, you can experience the best of the city in a controlled environment. Swing low to the ground and then head back up again and explore Cairns in yet another outstanding manner.

A Campervan Ride

Campervan Ride

Well, the best way to check out Cairns closely is through road trips. It not only makes the trip exciting but interesting. Moving at your own pace with stoppages at your own liberty is comfier and better. Make your own ultimate itinerary and enjoy a lovely day trip or just go for a long drive or choose an adventurous yet freaky way to explore the best of this city. Hire a campervan in Cairns and you can easily check out its beauty closely. It is the best way to experience and explore Cairns…!!!

Rental Campervan is the best way to check out eternal scenic locations of Cairns. It is happening and audacious at the same time.

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