21 Dec

Explore Adelaide and Rest Of Australia in A Motorhome!

It’s quite true that, while discussing tourism it’s really difficult to ignore Australia, which offers some of the best things in the world to travelers such as National Parks rich with rare wildlife, heavenly Islands, captivating beaches, beautiful mountains, and vast deserts etc. And the fact remains that people who are interested in traveling, love to explore only such places. 

But for real adventure and making your trip memorable it’s good to travel across the country on a self-drive motorhome, which can be booked online much before you actually land up in the country. Considering the fact that with the passage of time motorhome rental companies have mushroomed across the world including Australia, it has become really simple and convenient for travelers to book their vehicle in advance. Once you have your motorhome with you, all you want is to hit the roads and discover new places.

Now let’s discuss some of the places that you can explore in Adelaide, which is located in South Australia. Though Adelaide is famous across the world for being the wine capital of the country, that doesn't mean it has nothing else to offer its tourists.

Places to Explore in Adelaide

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval, which has a seating capacity of approximately 53,000, is nothing but a highly distinguished venue for hosting world-class sporting as well as entertainment events. This iconic stadium began functioning after the emergence of the South Australian Cricket Association. Yes, you read it correctly, Adelaide Oval came into the picture only in 1871, after the development of the South Australian Cricket Association. However, the stadium started to become popular only after it hosted a test cricket match between Australia and England in the year 1884.

Apart from viewing its dynamic as well as world-class infrastructure, you can enjoy amazing food in its fine-dining restaurant called ‘The Hill of Grace.’

Discover The Best Wine Regions In The World

There is no denying the fact that the capital city of South Australia lies in the middle of well-known wine regions and renowned wineries. So if in case you are a wine lover, you can explore over 200 cellar doors within a short distance from Adelaide. And considering the fact that you are traveling on a motorhome, exploring these areas should not be a problem. According to me, you must visit the renowned Patritti Wine Cellars, which is only a 20-to-25 minutes drive from the city of Adelaide.

You can visit the National Wine Centre of Australia, which can offer you one of the best tasting room experiences. You can find approximately 120 different types of wine samples here and can taste them if you wish.
In addition, to that you can also visit Adelaide Plains, which is approximately a 30-minutes drive from the city. This place is known for growing and producing some of the best varieties of grapes in the world including Cabernet Sauvignon, Colombard, Shiraz, and Riesling etc.

Visit The Coastline

Some of the most famous beaches in Adelaide include Middleton Beach, Boomer Beach, Vivonne Bay, Horseshoe Bay, and Henley Beach etc. These beautiful South Australian beaches will provide you with unique and unforgettable experiences. Once in a while, you must get close to these natural attractions and experience life in a different way.

The South Australian Museum

Another important place where you can pay a visit to is the South Australian Museum, which can enhance your knowledge about the history and culture of the country. The galleries in the museum include World Mammals Gallery, Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery, Fossils Gallery and Ancient Egyptian Room etc.

Get A Unique Shopping Experience

When it comes to shopping, Adelaide for sure remains one of the best places in Australia. In this city you have lots of options to shop from, for example, you can visit modern high-tech malls, boutique, and branded outlets etc., in order to find best clothes for yourself and your loved ones. While shopping, you can also enjoy the spirit of the city by grabbing a coffee or enjoying its food.

Apart from Adelaide, you can also visit Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, and Cairns etc, in Australia.

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