21 Jan

Do’s & Don’ts Of 4WD Road Trips In Australia

The idea of 4WD road trips is backed by all the fervent travelers worldwide in the context of traversing unknown lands, and taking maximum benefits out of them when it comes to delving deep into the cultures of those places and their histories.

A country like Australia which has plenty of delightful and charismatic attractions including crystal clear beaches, immense of unusual wildlife, breathtaking islands, countless beautiful national parks that offer picture-perfect views, and huge stretches of arid land etc., 4wd road trips certainly remain the best ways to get yourself familiar with these places.

Since campervan road trips are extremely popular in Australia, you can hire 4wd from Aussie Campervans and get encourage yourself to check out all those places that you have not discovered yet. Road trips are extremely crucial as they make you more strong, enlighten your knowledge about placed you explore, enhances your time management skills and most importantly allow you interact with different kind of people. That means 4wd road trips offer you with much more than what you expect from your dream holidays. At the end of the day, quality holidays are all about improving your traveling skills and spending maximum quality time with your family or friends. 

Having said that, I would equally like to stress on the fact that it’s not that simple to arrange a 4wd road trip, until and unless you are ready to accept the challenges and distress that you might face on the way. You have to be an adventure-seeking person, who is always ready to beat the difficulties of traveling on the lonely roads by facing them with strong determination. 

Do’s Of 4WD Road Trips In Australia

1. Selection Of Vehicle

Do’s - It Should Be Picked According To The Track 

The kind of outback track or road that you select has a huge influence on what type of vehicle you should go for. You cannot expect to pick a really dusty, dangerous and rocky 4wd track, and then think about hitting it with a normal vehicle which is just not meant for it. Hence make sure that you go for four wheel drive when picking tracks like the Canning Stock Route, in Western Australia or The Victorian High Country in Victoria. 

Don’ts - Never Underestimate The Driving Challenges 

One of the biggest mistakes that are made by most of the travelers is that they tend to underestimate the driving challenges posed by the 4WD tracks, due to which they sometimes make the mistake of blindly picking their vehicle. And since they, fail to choose the right vehicle, they end up facing tremendous issues while hitting the tracks. So, you have to be really careful about it, if you truly want to have a great time during the trip. 

2. Identifying The Right Tracks

Do’s - Pick The Tracks That You Feel Is Manageable 

Always go ahead with only those tracks that you think you can easily manage with, otherwise, you may end up facing troubles like anything. Just because you have heard from your friends and neighbors about a certain track and the kind of adventure it offers, you should not blindly opt for it, rather than that you should try to research about it over the internet ad figure out all sorts of potential threats that you can face while hitting the roads. 

Don’ts - Never Do Something That You Are Scared Of 

Since we are talking about road trips, you have to be very careful about the things you are scared of, and hence try to avoid them during the trip. If you think about a track which will allow you to explore a dangerous wildlife, but you are just not interested in that, then quit your plan then and there. That’s because, when you explore those lonely tracks alone with your family, anything can happen if you are not that strong when it comes to doing adventurous activities.

3. Driving Rules 

Do’s - Learn Everything About Driving Rules And Follow Them Strictly 

Considering the fact that, you will be driving your vehicle most of the times, it’s important for you to have a thorough knowledge of driving rules in Australia. If you fail to abide by the driving rules and regulations, you may have to pay a huge fine. In short, you must have right information wit you and should be able to read and understand traffic signs, that guide you when it comes to driving safely. 

Don’ts - Never Forget To Take Your Driving License

You have to have your driving license 24/7 with you when you're driving a vehicle anywhere in Australia. If you fail to have it with you, a heavy fine will be charged for the same. 

4. Picking The Destinations 

Do’s - Offbeat Travel Destinations Have Real Charm 

If you want to see the actual charm of Australian countryside, travel to offbeat destinations. To explore picture perfect views of the countryside and its unique charm it’s important that you give yourself a chance to go a little offbeat and discover the things that you have never thought about exploring. Once you travel to such places you will surely collect some unforgettable memories that will remain with you till your last breath. 

Don’ts - Traveling To Only Well-Known Places 

Most of the times, travelers go with their checklist and travel to only those places that they have decided on, but in that way you miss a lot of important things offered by the places. You cannot think about taking a highway and traveling straight on it in order to reach your destination. You have to keep an eye on different types of attractions that you find on the way which can give you a lot of excitement. It’s true that you want to discover certain places, but that does not mean you leave those which can actually provide you with the life changing experiences. 

5. Packing Your Luggage 

Do’s - Start Packing In Advance 

You need to plan in advance when it comes to packing the items that you will be requiring on the way. Start planning a bit ahead of time in terms of what should be accommodated in your luggage so that you don’t have to stop your vehicle over and over again to get those items. Pack everything in advance, and keep a checklist with you. A day before you go ahead with the trip, make sure that you check it once again whether you have packed everything that’s mentioned in the checklist or not. If in case, there is something that you have forgot to add to the list itself, pack that as well. 

Don’ts - Never Wait For Last Minute 

A lot of travelers are not that serious about packing important stuff, and probably that’s the reason they face tremendous issues while traveling through roads less covered. Most of the times when you pack food items, travel accessories, medicines and your documents at the last moment, you definitely forget some of them, due to which you have to suffer a lot. 

6. Bookings 

Do’s - Go For Advanced Bookings 

You should always book your hotels in advance, otherwise, you may not get good deals on them at the last moment. You may have to pay the huge price for booking a room at the last moment, which is not right. If you want to save some money, book your hotel in advance. The same applies to campsites as well. 

Don’ts - Never Fail To Check Out Different Options 

When you are booking a hotel, you must check at least two to three options, in order to get a good deal. 

So, follow the above-mentioned tips and enjoy a striking 4wd road trips in Australia!

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