23 Nov

Don’t Hold Back Your Campervan Hire Perth This Vacation 2014

Very Few Experience can match the experience of living natural with only necessary stuff and packing them in a campervan and enjoying the simple yet joyful road experience. Not worrying too much about strict schedule or anything else but hanging loose and do as per your wishes. Making new friends, enjoying outdoor activities. Connecting with culture, exploring things on our own and mixing adventure tourism with pleasure. If you are planning a trip to Perth, do get in touch with us for a campervan rental option. 

Campervan Hire Perth

Outdoor Excursions

Campervan Rental Perth - Hire a Campervan to Explore the Beauty of City of Light Perth. Which is a perfect place for people of all age to indulge in outdoor activities and connect to nature. Perth offers you unique opportunities to enjoy fishing, swimming, snorkeling, or if you prefer simple relaxing. The beautiful beaches will enthrall you with their clear blue waters & Mediterranean climate, enjoy sun and sand all year round. 45 minutes south of Perth and a 5 minute ferry ride will take you to one of Australia’s favorite daytrip destination the beautiful Shoal water Bay , penguin island is home of smallest penguin species of penguins . The island also has a marine park around it with various wildlife species like, stingray, sea lions, pelicans, 50 species of seabirds and king skins. You can also enjoy, para sailing and other watersports. 

Leisure, fun and relaxation

You can spend relaxing week around Cornish beach, enjoy watching whale sharks, being the fourth most populous Australian city. Perth offers lively night life for adult travelers as well as shopping destination. Dining options, different cousins and make friend from diverse ethnic background. 

You can enjoy a fun filled holiday with your family or someone special in an intimate yet exclusive campervan atmosphere. You can travel and stop anytime anywhere, as per your wish, enjoy natural surroundings, cook meal, dine outside your van, make every moment special. Visit twilight market for flavors from Vietnamese, Balkan, French, Filipino, Israeli flavors. You can also enjoy Sunday Market in the heart of city for local fresh produces, straight from farm to fork.

Other Activities

Apart from all the recreation opportunities don’t forget to add some spiritual experience offered by the city like unique opportunity to meet Buddhist monks, enjoy free admission and learn meditation by chanting mantra. You can also see the master creating sacred colored sand mandala an offering to mother earth. Do check out Perth city page to know about events at the famous Northbridge Piazza so soak up some of Perth city life, culture and enjoy , live performance, music , drama, sports, cinema , etc. offered on a 8 meter high LED screen . It is a great place to hang around.

So, what are you waiting for? planning a Christmas vacation? Grab the best campervan rentals in Perth before they are sold out. Resort to the web, and your campervan hire is just a click away. 

Cheers … Happy Travelling!

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