19 Sep

Dishing Up Broome - The Gem of Western Australia

The heart of Western Australia’s outback

Broome, a tourist town in Kimberley is a must-visit destination of Western Australia. It is a perfect holiday spot for travellers who dare to travel to the Earth’s edge to explore something extraordinary, spellbinding and jaw-dropping!

This laid-back beach town of Western Australia has very few inhabitants, abundance of white sand and red cliffs, spectacular nature’s scenery, and a perfect setting. It is also home to many hotels, spas and other leisure-holiday retreats.


Once popular as an international centre of pearl industry, Broome has great wealth of both history and nature. From sun rise to sun set, fine beaches to nightlife places, Broome is hard to beat.

Why thumps up?

Are you a nature lover? If yes, there is no better place to watch sun set than at Broome. In day hours, find yourself knee deep in the warm waters of cable beach, where Indian Ocean laps up a 23 kilometer long stretch of pristine white sand. Buy a campervan rental and explore the breathtaking scenes of this magical setting. Don’t forget to enjoy a camel ride!

What it is famous for

In earlier days, it was a pearling town that attracted thousands of immigrants from all around the country. The biggest Japanese cemetery and the old Chinatown area represent town’s industrial legacy before plastic doomed the life of shell buttons. However, it is still known as a pearl town. While in Broome, pay a visit to the museum and take a bite of pearl meat at Pearl Luggers and enjoy cruising on sun set.

Tiny red town of Broome is known for living large. All the locals and tourists alike are seen at one place, the weekend markets or at Cable Beach at sunset, showing off its cosmopolitan vibes. Upon arrival, you will find people from all over the world gulping the taste-tingling cuisines and relaxing at luxury spa resorts. Though it’s a touristy place, you will find silent landscapes too showing glimpse of country’s outback lifestyle and wilderness.

No tour to Broome is complete without experiencing a camel ride on a beach during sunset. However, there are many other excursions worth trying here such as whale watching, cruising, visiting Sun Pictures - the oldest picture garden of the world, exploring the horizontal waterfalls, digging up more about the history of the town, touring the crocodile park and discovering the staircase to the moon. And if you just don’t want to do anything else than pampering yourself, visit a good spa resort.

How to get around

Avail Campervan rental services in Broome to get around the town and its neighbourhood. You may also hire a campervan in Perth and enjoy a road trip from Perth to Broome. This western Australian town is 2237 Km north of Perth. From Sydney, there are many direct flights to Broome.

No matter what time of the year you’ll arrive in Broome and what makes it a perfect holiday for you, the pearling town will not fail to make you return home with a bunch of unforgettable memories.

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