30 Oct

Discover Cairns in the Best Possible Way While on a Budget

Cairns is most famous for its close proximity to the internationally renowned coral reefs, but there is so much to this city. As a tourist, you cannot afford to visit Cairns and not explore all that the city has to offer. It is ideally located and offers you easy access to a number of interesting and must visit places in Queensland. With so much to do, and so many places to visit, you will certainly want to be in a position to travel on demand, and have your accommodations arrangement sorted out well in advance. All of this is possible when you hire a Campervan in Cairns

Daintree Rainforest

What to do when you are in Cairns

Cairns has an incredible environment no matter which time of the year you visit. From the Great Barrier Reef, to the incredible and astounding Daintree Rainforest, the variations you will get to witness in Cairns will amaze you. Make the most of this visit, and explore the many aspects of this region.

Places to visit in and near Cairns:

1. Great Barrier Reef: No visit to Cairns can ever be complete without visiting the Great Barrier Reef. It is a World Heritage Site, and truly a wonder of nature that you cannot afford to miss visiting. The reefs are very close to the city of Cairns, and you will be able to enjoy a host of activities once you are here. Snorkelling is usually the first thing that you will want to do when you are here, and is a superb way to explore the beautiful reefs. A trip underwater, under the careful supervision of an expert, will leave you spellbound. The corals that make up the reef are beautiful. The amazing range of colours, and the incredible shapes that these reefs take can not be expressed in words.

2. Daintree Rainforest: The rainforest is the closest to nature that you can come, and is a great experience for anyone. Your family will love taking a tour of this place, and will certainly be a highlight of your visit to Australia.

3. Mission Beach: There are plenty of beaches near Cairns, including the Kewarra Beach, but Mission Beach deserves a special mention for its pristine shoreline, and the incomparable experience that it offers. Your time at the beach is made even more enjoyable by the many cafes and bars you will find close by, which ensure that you get to enjoy local cuisines and drinks, and meet a lot of people.

The fun does not end with these three destinations. If you have the time, do make sure that you visit Cairns and Surrounds, Lizard Island, Port Douglas, and Kuranda. All of these locations are a few hours drive from Cairns, and make for an unforgettable adventure. 

Rental Campervans in Cairns is a great way to explore all of these places. The freedom of travelling anywhere you want to will make the trip a whole more fun for you and anyone who is with you. Australia has some truly scenic roads, and a campervan will allows you to enjoy their beauty in a way that no other mode of transportation can even come close to.

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