04 Jun

Couple Travel - Explore Australia With Your Spouse To Collect Lasting Memories

Whether you want to escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the city life or want to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, look no further than couple travel. Yes, travelling with your spouse in a country like Australia can bring a significant amount of change in your relationship. There is no denying the fact that travelling liberates yourself from all kind of mental tensions, and brings lasting happiness or inner peace.

It’s hard to explain the kind of inner peace that you experience while travelling to tranquil areas with your partner. So, if you are looking forward to experiencing a long-lasting peace of mind plan an exciting campervan road trip with your partner. If your spouse is interested in outback travel you can also plan a 4WD road trip, which actually helps in discovering the true beauty of Australia. 

If you haven’t gone on a road trip with your spouse yet, Aussie Campervans has rounded up some brilliant tips for couple travel. 

#1. Support Your Partner 

When only two of you are planning to go on a road trip, it’s important for both of you to support each other. It’s quite true that your thinking and behaviour is quite different from your partner, but then it doesn’t mean you need to indulge in arguments every now and then. 

Rather than opposing the decisions of your spouse, it’s better to offer them mental and emotional support. There are times when your partner will fail to make the right decision, at that time you have to introduce your opinion politely rather than shouting at them. Your support is very important for your spouse, so keep that in mind. 

#2. Help them in Navigation

Long campervan road trips come with their own challenges therefore, you have to be ready to face them effectively. If you are planning a year-long trip with your special someone, you are surely going to confront navigation problems because it’s impossible for anyone to know all the routes. At that time, you must help your partner with navigation. You can use your cell phone to figure out the right route to access your destination. This not only helps in taking your partner’s driving experience to a next level, it also shows how helpful you are. 

And during road trips, it’s important to reach your destinations at the right time to keep your enthusiasm high. Though road trips are known for the kind of freedom and flexibility they offer but sticking to time has its own advantages. 

#3. Don’t Hesitate To Take The Charge of Steering Wheel Occasionally

No matter how much your partner love to drive it’s always important for you to allow them to take rest by taking the charge of the steering wheel. And the best part is that, even though if you are someone who does not enjoy driving, seeing your spouse taking rest will definitely give you a unique satisfaction. It’s never good for anyone to drive without a break for more than 4-5 hours. Yes, continuous driving makes us very tired, so it’s important for you to ask your partner to take rest. 

#4. Pull Over Frequently

You must make it a point to pull over frequently, otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy your trip. What’s important here to understand is, it’s not only you who need frequent breaks but they are equally important for your vehicle. So, take short coffee breaks frequently to keep feeling energetic. 

#5. Encourage Your Partner To Avoid Over Speeding 

While hitting Australian roads it’s important for you to maintain an ideal speed. Your failure to do that can put you in huge trouble. Australians are very good at abiding by traffic rules. Therefore, drivers who cross speed limits have no other option but to pay fine for not following the rules. So, make sure that you are aware of all the important safety rules and regulations before you start your trip. Since no one likes the idea of paying fine it’s always better to stick to the rules. 

#6. Approach Locals for Help 

If you need any help during your journey, nothing can prove to be more important than relying on locals. They are the people who can offer you reliable information on almost everything. In addition to that, interacting with locals allow you to understand the history and lifestyle of any particular place effectively. Whether you need help in finding the best hotels and restaurants in a place or you want to know about the ideal destinations for photography, locals can definitely offer the most reliable information to you. 

#7. Explore Different Cuisines 

Road trips are all about discovering new places and enhancing your understanding of them. However, if you fail to indulge into traditional cuisines of any given place, it means you are missing on something really important. Australia is known for its foods and wines so explore them fully no matter where you go. For example, if you are planning to explore the Hunter Valley in New South Wales make sure that you taste the famous wines produced by that region. 

There are a few food items that you must explore during your road trip and they include the lamingtons ( known as the National Cake of Australia), lamb leg roast, witchetty grubs, emu, anzac biscuits, John Dory fillets, barbecued snags, and dagwood dog etc. 

#8. Keep Emergency Items Ready 

It’s imperative to pack all those items that you need in an emergency, for example, the first aid kit, vehicle maintenance tools, a pair of scissors, emergency light, a couple of ropes, and long-lasting healthy snacks. In fact, before you start your journey you should watch videos that offer basic vehicle maintenance tips because you might need them during your journey.

Similarly, since, it’s hard to figure out when will you get a good restaurant while exploring any route for the first time, it’s always better to have healthy snacks with you so that you can satisfy your hunger whenever needed.

Apart from that, it’s very important for you to keep a track of the fuel.

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