07 Jun

Check Out These 4WD Tracks Near Perth For That Ultimate Adventure

As an avid driver who hails from Australia, what remains the most important thing for you in the whole world if you want to have that perfect 4WD experience. Well, it is nothing else but the tracks, which play an absolutely crucial role when it comes to bringing that ultimate adventure during your trip. When it comes to outback driving in Australia, you will always find enough of bumps and strange angles as you cross those weird but adventurous places by your 4WD vehicle.

To be specific, Perth is a great place in Australia as far as experiencing 4WD adventure is concerned. As a traveler or an energetic driver, you will find some of the best tracks to go 4wding near Perth - the heavenly capital of Western Australia. Though there were a lot of tracks in Perth which are now closed due to various reasons, but you still have a lot of options to choose from, when it comes to enjoying Australian outbacks by driving through them in a 4WD.

If you are standing in Perth you will find a number of places to head out for, when it comes to relishing a full day of 4WD driving. And in order to do that, all you need is to hire 4WD vehicle in Perth. You can also approach us for the same as we at Aussie Campervans and Car Rentals provide high-quality 4WD vehicles on rent to all our clients across Australia.

Now Let’s Discuss Those Tracks Near Perth Which Can Make Your Day Like Anything :

Drive Yourself To Jarrahdale

Well, the track that I am talking about here is in a fairly good condition, and hence, you won’t find it that difficult to drive yourself all the way to Jarrahdale if you follow it, but that doesn't mean you won’t enjoy the drive. This track runs parallel to a railway track from South West Highway, and will take you up the hill. If you want you can reach all the way to Jarrahdale town centre if you follow it. You will find a lot of picture perfect views on the way and will be able to observe the nature fully.

Though no maintenance activities were carried out on this track for a long time but it is still manageable. However, when you start following it, in the beginning, you will find extremely easy to drive here, but as you proceed towards the hill, it certainly becomes a bit narrow.

Don’t Forget To Explore Gnangara Pines Powerlines

Gnangara Pines Powerlines is another interesting outback area near Perth that is famous for off-road driving and traveling freaks literally take out sometimes from their busy schedules just to explore its beauty and to feel that thrill. If you plan to explore this area during the weekends, you will find it fully packed with off-road vehicles, which will motivate you even more, when it comes to exploring some of the worst parts of the track. The track is quite sandy hence you must have some knowledge of how to drive on sand, before driving on it.

Mundaring Powerlines , A Must Visit Area For Off-Road Adventure

Are you dying to get that ultimate off-road experience? If that is the case you must make it sure to explore Mundaring Powerlines. Located at a distance of approximately 45 minutes from Perth, it is a great place for drivers to go on 4wding. It is a kind of track that will surely bring a lot of surprises in your way as you proceed on it. If you do not have any sort of 4WD experience earlier, you need to be a little cautious while driving on this track. You have to get ready for tackling all those bumps and potholes which will come on your way.

Explore the Moor River Area

Located approximately an hour’s distance from Perth, the Moor River area can also prove to be one of the best places to have an ideal 4WD experience. The kind of driving experience that you will get here will be a mix of sand driving, river crossing, and hill climbs.

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