29 May

Broome - An Australian City Growing Big Amongst Travellers

Why Go Broome?

As far as one can gather, it’s hard to find a city that exhibits a life-size divers’ diving chamber on a stand in a public park. Only a few settlements could have a crashed airliner showcased as a monument at the corner of a main street.


How rare is a city that witnessed a gold mine rush experience all thanks to an animal which is able to change its gender based on what it eats. More unlikely is the fact that, in Broome, an English man employs natives to raise 4 camels, 3 wombats, about 13 rainbow lorikeets and 2 cassowaries.

Yes, you will find these all in an urban town called Broome, which is located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia (WA). In last few years, the town has undergone a rapid development, mainly in the tourism world, yet there breath a laid-back Australian town at heart.

Today, Broome is home to many world-class hotels, restaurants and recreation hubs. The city is for people seeking the ultimate wilderness retreat on their holiday trip. It has some of the country’s warmest waters, whitest sand, reddest cliffs and most breathtaking geological formations.

If seeking luxury, enjoy a world-class massage in one of the luxury resorts near cable beach and then drive your campervan to Cape Leveque to swim on picture-perfect quality beaches. And in the evening, dine at one of the finest restaurants of WA.

For adventurous travellers, this magical beach-side settlement of WA hosts a pool of activities such as bushwalking, swimming, hiking, camping, snorkelling, camel riding, whale-watching, and picnicking. The town has heart-stopping nature’s scenery making it a perfect holiday retreat for nature lovers too.

No matter how long you are going to stay in this incredibly beautiful WA town, your trip to it can’t be complete without doing two activities – watching a movie at Sun Pictures, which is one of the oldest outdoor theatres in the world, and self-driving a campervan.

Travel around Broome on a Campervan Rental

Broome is one of the most popular travel destinations of Western Australia and one of the best places for campervan holidays in the country thanks to its abundance open spaces, excellent roads and unrivalled natural beauty. It is recommended to book your  campervan hire in Broome  online before your arrival for the most hassle-free and pleasant journey possible. 

Cable beach is the most famous touristy site of this less travelled jewel of Western Australia. It is just 7km away from the main town. Bestowed with soft white sand, pristine waters and year-round tropical climate, Cable beach draws in a big herd of travellers and campers throughout the year.


Home to magnificent beaches, heart-stopping coastline, wonderful climate, laid-back lifestyle, eclectic cultural scenes and natural wonders, Broome can be best explored with a campervan rental. Hit the roads and uncover the touristy delights of Kimberley region and the local offerings with a campervan rental.

Craving for your own exciting personal tour of Western Australia? Drive your ways with campervan rental in surroundings of Broome.

Happy Holidaying!!

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