28 Jul

Blue Mountains – A Pleasant Holiday Retreat For Sydney Travellers

You will experience the mesmerising view of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales as you drive away from the capital city of Sydney for about 50 minutes. The captivating beauty of nature is at its zenith at the foothills of Blue Mountains with over a million hectares of green cover comprising of forests and bush lands. Waterfalls and canyons are found in abundance in the region which adds to the beauty of the place. A wide variety of flora and fauna can be found here including Koala, a rare species of quoll and Grey Kangaroos. Designated the world heritage area back in the year 2000, the region has a lot of hidden secrets like caves, valleys and ruins which justify the label.

The Blue Haze surrounding the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountain

A blue haze surrounds the sandstone plateau of the Blue mountains and so the name. This blue tinge is attributed to the presence of Eucalyptus trees covering the mountains. Due to these trees, the atmosphere absorbs tiny droplets of oil which gets mixed with dust particles and water vapours to refract the blue spectrum of the light. This phenomenon can be compared to the formation of rainbow with a exception that a rainbow emits all seven colours. However, the beauty it manifests lets the tourists forget the reasoning and immerse themselves in the charm.

How to reach the Blue Mountains?

The most convenient means to get to the mountain is by a campervan rental in Sydney since it takes less than an hour from Sydney. A train ride is also available that can take you to the mountains with ease and save you from the trouble of driving up to the destination. The trains are available from Sydney's central railway station. Coaches and bus trips are organised by various coach companies. The hotel you are staying will provide you all the information about the coach service. In Sydney Campervan Rental is one such coach hire firm which can be contacted for the trip.

Clothing to be worn while visiting the mountains

The climate in the summers is comfortable and you can expect temperature to be in tune of 18 degree Celsius. Light woollen apparels are sufficient in summers. During the winters i.e. from the month of June to August the temperature can go down to as low as 5 degree Celsius. Layers of clothing are recommended so that you can remove some of them as the temperature soars. Trekking shoes are a must if you wish to walk down the trails.

Activities at the mountain

Many beautiful places await you in the valleys of Blue Mountains. Three sisters at Echo point in Katoomba is the famous landmark here. The unusual rock formation is believed to be sisters who were cursed to become stones. As the sun shines the blue haze becomes visible and looks absolutely enchanting. Other attractions include Wentworth Falls, the famous Jenolan caves, Botanical garden at Mount Tomah which houses many rare plants. Leura Cascades is a popular picnic spot for the tourists. Trekking enthusiasts can trek along the path which was once a zig zag train path. Remains of the platform can still be witnesses here. 

To explain the beauty of the mountain is beyond the scope of the words and one has to see it to believe it.

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