04 Apr

Autumn Season - The Perfect Time To Explore Sydney

If you generally talk about entire Australia, it would be hard to find one particular time or season to explore the country, because it’s a huge place. You will find amazing climatic variations from one state to another or between different cities. Depending upon the topography of different regions, you will experience enormous differences in their climatic conditions.

And one of the most important thing that distinguishes Australian weather from rest of the world is that it’s located in Southern Hemisphere. Because of its location, you will find that summers in Australia fall between December to February, Autumn between March to May, winter between June to August and spring between September to November. However, if you about countries like the US, the summer season generally starts in the month of June and stays till September, which is just the opposite of what you experience in Australia.

In addition to that, within Australia itself you will find great variations if you compare the weather conditions of Northern Territory to the weather conditions of Victoria and New South Wales during a particular season. Similarly, when compared to Western Australia, the climate in Queensland will be bit different during the summer season or the winters. In short, it simply indicates that the ideal time to explore Northern Territory might not be equally right time to discover Victoria or New South Wales.

So, as a traveller, you need to understand weather conditions of Australia first, and then make plans for your holiday trips in this beautiful country so that you can have a perfect time at your destination.

Now if you are looking forward to finding the right time to travel the lengths and breadths of Sydney, then Autumn season - from March to May is the perfect time for you. Apart from the Autumn season, you can also explore Sydney during the Spring season that is from September to November.

What Makes Autumn Season An Ideal Time To Travel Sydney?

If you want to avoid scorching summer days, then it’s better to plan your trip during Autumn season, because this is the time when you will find the manageable temperature in Sydney to carry out those stunning day trips. Since you won’t find school holidays in this season, you eventually end up avoiding the crowds in your holiday destinations. And since the local crowd remains comparatively less, hotels and airlines give stunning discounts to travellers during this time.

You can hire a four wheel drive from sydney airport, and enjoy all the amenities that they offer at very fewer rates during Autumn.

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Here’re some of the most stunning attractions and events that you can explore in Sydney from March to May.

1. Sydney Opera House

If you are in Sydney, it won’t be intelligent to go back to your native place without exploring Sydney Opera House, the most iconic attraction that the city houses. It’s really beautiful and holds a lot of importance to Sydneysiders as it’s one of the most prestigious buildings of the 20th century.

2. The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Constructed way back in 1923, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the pride of the city. It makes way for people to travel between the Sydney central business district and the North Shore. The bridge is constructed from steel which makes it look stunning, and perhaps that’s the reason whoever arrives in this city, never goes back without exploring this ideal structure.

Apart from these stunning attractions, you can also visit The Rocks, Darling Harbour, Royal Botanic Gardens, Port Jackson, Manly Beach, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Tower, Hyde Park, and Sydney Olympic Park, etc., within the city.

However, if you have enough time to travel the city’s surrounding, you can you look forward to destinations like Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Lord Howe Island, Barrington Tops, Katoomba, and Jenolan Caves. Apart from that Snowy Mountains, Cobar and North Coast, etc., are also very beautiful holiday destinations that you can visit during your Sydney Trip.

No matter which places in the city you want to explore, you can hire a luxury campervan in Sydney and enjoy your trip the way you want.

The most important reason to travel Sydney from March to May is that you can explore a variety of interesting events that are hosted by the city. For example, you can explore the  Sydney Royal Easter show (from 9 -19th April 2017), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week  (from 14 -19 May ) and Vivid Sydney that will run from 26 May to 17 June.

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