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Adelaide - The Gateway to a Treasure Trove of Natural Wonders

Australia has been blessed with profound natural beauty. The entire continent seems to have been created by God when he was at his creative best. There are natural treasures galore, many of which are still unexplored. Camping in Australia has its own fun as there are innumerable places to choose from. These places include New South Wales, pebbly beach, Polblue, Camp Blackman, Geehi Flat, Big River Camp, Homestead creek, Deua River and many such sites. The best way to reach these spots is coach service which can be availed by Campervan Hire. It is by and large the best campervan hiring provider with quality and timely services.

A Day Trip From Adelaide

Adelaide is a small city you can visit most of the attractions of the city including beaches, hills and vineyards in a matter of 20 minutes. There are however many other attractions in and around the city which must be visited. If you are planning a trip to Adelaide in the month of March, get ready to get soaked in the festivity as 1st to 11th of March is celebrated as Adelaide festival.

A Visit to Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach

The city of Adelaide was built in the year 1836 and has a rich cultural heritage associated with it. The tourists can visit the Glenelg beach by the tram service which connects the city with th coast in mere 20 minutes. The beach front has a raw and unkempt feel about it. Many shopping and dining destinations can be found on the beach. A pier on the sea acts as a diving board as well as shade.

Port Adelaide

Driving for around 14 kilometres north west to the city, you can find the famous port of Adelaide. You will find ancient buildings on the street reflecting the architecture of the bygone era. Railway and maritime museums are great spots to visit and grabbing the famous Red lime shack. The guests can also savour a drink in The British. Take a boat ride to the sea to spot dolphins if you are not lucky enough to spot them at the shore. A local theatre company imparts some strong cultural message through plays.

Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley

Barossa valley is one of the most famous wine producing regions. It has a rich historical background and is located at a distance of around 56 kilometres from the city. The influence of Prussian and English culture is quite evident and visible even today. Seppeltsfield is the origin of many fortified wines. Nearby town Angaston is home to Italian coffee and a cookery school. You can taste assortment of wines either at Whistler or Tscharke which are located on Seppeltsfield Road.

Climb the Adelaide Hills

Driving for half an hour to south-east of the city of Adelaide, you will find a retreat near the hills. The area has a climate of its own which is very soothing. Adelaide hills have Prussian style homes and many wineries. The region is also famous for delicious food coupled with wine. The tourists also have choice of visiting Gorge Wildlife Park and see rare animals like Koalas and dingoes.

A host of camping places await you at Adelaide. These places are truly some of those spots that should be included as places to visit before you die. Plan the trip now with Campervan Hire service in Adelaide.

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