29 May

Adelaide: A Beach Heaven for Tourists

The Mediterranean climate in Adelaide catches your attention very easily and invites you at any time of the year. With such pretty climate the primary attraction at Adelaide for tourists are its beaches. Most of the beaches are 30 minutes drive around the main city of Adelaide. Thus, Campervan Rental Adelaide may be a fulfilling service to tourists with longer staying plans. The beaches recommended strictly not to miss are –

  • Brighton Beach

    It is the closest to the city. It is famous for its evening promenade. The designed walk way gives a artistic look and feel with the restaurants and cafes crowded with tourists and pleasure seekers.
  • West beach

    This is the beach where you can park your campervan for a night stay as it has a campervan park. The Campervan Park gives a boost to your ambitions for travel with Campervan rental in Adelaide. It also has some golf courses for the interested and many types of parklands. Sailing is also prevalent on this beach.
  • Henley beach

    This beach in particular is family friendly. The waves are gentle and the evening promenade is pleasant. This is the place to dine if you seek to eat some of the best sea food in South Australia.
  • Grange beach

    In search of a quieter beach, you can drive just 20 minutes in the northern direction of the Henley beach to reach Grange beach. The sand dunes are higher than the other beaches and the water is deep blue. Comparatively less number of tourists visit here, making it a quite getaway.
  • Semaphore Beach

    Based on the northern side of Adelaide, it is arguably one of the cleanest and most well preserved beaches in South Australia. Finest historic places and modern restaurants and cafes knitted promenade gives you a feel of walking between times.
  • North Heaven

    With artificially built break waters, it is undoubtedly the safest beach in South Australia.
  • Sellicks Beach

    As the mountain ranges meet the sea, you witness the picturesque sea view with mountain cliffs barging the sea waters.
  • Willunga beach

    This beach is actually more famous for its neighboring Aldinga Beach where you unfortunately cannot drive your campervan to.
  • Adelaide city

    Adelaide city also has sea sides famous for its tranquil sunsets.

If you visit only beaches in Adelaide and forget to visit the Adelaide Oval sporting arena to sneak a peek into Sir, Don Bradman’s classics, then your tour of South Australia is incomplete. Sir Don Bradman is Australia’s greatest gift to the game of cricket. So, don’t miss a visit to the Adelaide Oval Sports arena. The city center of Adelaide is packed with restaurants and pubs to give you the needed dose of nightlife. Rundle mall and the central market of Adelaide which is no more than 10 minutes a tram ride from rundle mall would give you a chance to take some souvenirs as you end your tour of South Australia. Given the diverse travel destination Campervan Rental Adelaide is a sought after service. This adds the much needed comfort to your travel.

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