12 Nov

Best Campsites near Sydney for Campervan Rentals

You cannot forget the trip to Sydney when you spend your vacation in a hotel and resort, but exploring this vast land with campervan rental Sydney can be more exciting. It is cheaper than you imagine, once you find the right Sydney campervan hire company, you can explore the finest Campsites in Sydney.

Campsites in Sydney

Here we are going to share the top best Campsites in Sydney to Visit:

Blue Mountain

This the primary site, you are recommended to visit after leaving Sydney. It will approx. hundred kilometers to drive the city of Sydney. It is not possible to cover the entire area and visit the beauty of nature in one day which is roughly the size of Belgium. But if you have the best and effective campervan rental, it doesn’t stop you from trying. There are the major places to visit - Echo Point, Three Sisters, Katoomba, Blue Mountains National Park and the Megalong Valley among other scenic views.

Port Stephens Dolphins & Whales Watching

The Dolphin Capital of Port Stephens is a 3 - 4 hours drive from Sydney. It will be your wise stop to make as there is a boot load of stuff to do besides watching dolphins and whales. You can also take advantage of scenic views including sea kayaking, parasailing horse riding, camel rides, surfing and beach activities.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is the best place to visit in Sydney. Koalas - adorable creatures! At the oldest Koala hospital in Australia, you can easily find them lazing or feeding around. You can also chill out on the beach and explore some coastal lakes and forests inland. You will find good therapeutic views that keep your mind full of peace. 

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is around 772 kilometers from Sydney and 165 Kilometer away from Brisbane. This is the place you should not miss. Tallow Beach in Byron Bay is one of the centers of attraction you don’t want to miss. There are tons of beach stuff to do here along with the great market stalls to explore for souvenirs. The nightlife at Byron Bay is too electric which will make your journey awesome with the availability of multiple party stuff and machines.

Surfer’s Paradise

This beach is the most famous and prominent joint for holidaymakers with beautiful beaches, holistic demographics and exciting nightlife. It is the place where you can surf, enjoy scenic views, explore exotic theme parks and parties with your gang and make your night party amazing.

Noosa Beach

At this stop, you can ditch your campervan hire Sydney for some 2-3 days and go on a Canoe trip into national parks. You will find a great spot for surfing nerds.

Hunter Valley

Make a stop in the beautiful wine region of Hunter Valley. If you are in Sydney but want to experience the great outdoors and holistic garden view. These gardens have a gorgeous and amazing view experience; you will be longing to stay.

Why it’s important to opt the right Campervan Hire Company in Sydney

Some will argue with the validity that a motorhome or campervan is a better way to explore and visit Sydney versus staying in a hotel. The aforementioned green valleys, gardens, mountains, and other great outdoors are not arguably the best option to visit Sydney which provides a plentiful feast for your eyes and soul. You just need to focus on two things, A recreational vehicle hire and tips on the best campsites near Sydney.

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