08 Jun

6 Australian Winter Destinations That You Must Visit This Year

Do you have a phenomenal winter break on your mind? If that's correct, Australia will never disappoint you. You don't have to plan an expensive holiday to Europe when you already have awe-inspiring destinations in Australia. If you are a travel freak, it's better to explore your backyard first and then look forward to exploring the rest of the world.

Why opt for an expensive holiday in a foreign country when you can have much more fun with your loved ones in your own country without breaking the bank.

There are tons of beautiful winter escapes in Australia; all you have to do is research a bit on the internet to figure them out. Whether you are planning a solo trip, a group trip or a family trip, you will surely find the right destinations to meet your requirements.

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Travelling is a lot of fun, and it becomes even more enjoyable when you carry out a trip with your loved ones. You get all the time in the world to strengthen the bond with your family. That's the only time when you can switch off your gadgets to focus on your family. When you are on vacation, you don't have to be bothered about replying to your emails, finishing your work on time, and attending regular meetings.

You can spend precious moments with your loved ones and can create unforgettable memories during your trip.

So, if you want to meet new people, taste unique cuisines, and connect with nature this winter in Australia, here are some stunning destinations that you can explore.


The magnificent capital of Western Australia, Perth is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular winter-escapes in Australia. It is not only famous for its sandy beaches, mouthwatering food, and stunning shopping destinations but its equally renowned for its Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

Perth attracts a wide range of holidaymakers from June to August and allows them to experience the real charm of the land Down Under by enabling them to indulge in fabulous experiences. In winters, you can explore the Botanic Garden of Perth to discover Australia's exotic flora and fauna.

You will find over 12000 species of exotic wildflowers in Western Australia, and in winter you can see over 1700 species of those wildflowers blooming in the Botanic Garden.

And what's utterly fascinating is that you won't discover 60% of those 12000 species of wildflowers anywhere else on the planet. So if you want to experience unique fragrances, visit the capital of Western Australia this winter.

Apart from exploring the Botanic Garden, you can also discover Fremantle Prison, The Bell Tower, Perth Zoo, The Aquarium of Western Australia, and Adventure World, etc., in Perth.

Phillip Island

If you are looking forward to exploring a beach holiday destination this winter, then Phillip Island is the perfect option for you. Located approximately 140 km southeast of Melbourne, Victoria, Phillip Island attracts a wide range of visitors in winters. If you are in Melbourne, you can organise a day trip to Phillip Island. However, if time is not a constraint for you, you can spend a couple of days exploring it.

You can visit Summerland Beach during sunset to see Penguin Parade. Apart from that, you can also explore Phillip Island Wildlife Park, Phillip Island Nature Parks, Nobbies Centre, Koala Reserve, and Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.

Kangaroo Island

Located 112 km southwest of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is one of the most stunning places to explore in Australia during the winter season. It is the third-largest island in Australia; and is home to Australian wildlife such as Kangaroo, Koalas, and sea lions, it's a must visit place for die-hard wildlife lovers.

You can explore Flinders Chase National Park, Seal Bay Conservation Park, Admirals Arch, Kelly Hill Caves, and Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in Kangaroo Island.

Snowy Mountains

If you want to get a Europe-like winter feel in Australia, you can plan a trip to the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. Mount Kosciuszko, which is the highest mountain in mainland Australia, lies on this maintain range. If you explore it, you will surely get an unforgettable experience that you can cherish all your life.

You can also explore Victorian Alps to have a similar experience.


Australia's Red Centre, in Northern Territory, is another incredible winter escape. It is also an ideal destination for those looking forward to having a unique holiday experience. One of the best attractions in Red Centre is Uluru or Aye Rock, which is nothing but a sandstone monolith. If you explore it during the winter, you will be able to experience its real charm. Although you can also visit it during the summer season, the scorching summer heat will make it difficult for you to discover its beauty.

You can explore its abundant wildlife and rugged appeal in the best way possible only in winter.

Cradle Mountain

Located in the Central Highlands region of Tasmania, Cradle Mountain is another captivating destination for a winter break. To be more specific, it lies in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, which is home to unique scenery, marvellous walking and hiking tracks, and incredible wildlife. Each year, a large number of people visit this place to discover its beauty. So if you haven't explored Cradle Mountain yet, you can plan a trip to it this winter.

Apart from that, you can also discover the Blue Mountains, The Kimberley, and cities like Sydney and Melbourne this winter.

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