20 Apr

5 Must See Places In Western Australia To Experience Autumn

We shouldn't deny the fact that when compared to the US and the UK, Australia is certainly not that popular for experiencing fall foliage. However, the country is home to several breathtaking destinations that can be best explored during Autumn season. 

If you talk about different parts of Australia, you can experience fall foliage in places like Adelaide, Canberra, Bright, and Tasmania. You will find multiple things to do in Australia in autumn, but for that, you must have detailed information about the destinations.

But since we are going to focus on the best places in Western Australia to visit in the fall we won’t be discussing what rest of Australia has to offer. Of course, it’s a vast country and hence you will find stunning destinations for each season, but let’s concentrate on the places that you can explore between March and May in Western Australia which is famous among people for its extreme tranquillity. 

1. Western Australia’s Blackwood Valley 

Western Australia’s Blackwood Valley

Photo by Amanda Slater / CCO BY

Blackwood Valley, a place which got its name from the Blackwood River ( the longest flowing river in WS) is a travellers’ paradise in the true sense. Just three hours’ drive from the city of Perth, Blackwood valley is a beautiful wine growing area that’s famous for its picture-perfect towns and lush landscape. Whether you are an adventure freak, wine lover or an enthusiastic traveller, Blackwood Valley is the best place to spend some incredible moments in Autumn season. You can enjoy the beauty of rolling hills and towns like Bridgetown, Balingup, and Nannup. When you travel towards Nannup, you will find highly amazing deciduous trees that give stunning views during Autumn. 

The deciduous trees give breathtaking fall foliage views when their leaves turn into orange, yellow, red colours during March, April and May months and you must enjoy such phenomenal views during your trip to Western Australia. In addition to that, you can also enjoy some quality time in the Golden Valley Tree Park, that’s located close to the town of Balingup. You can discover a variety of beautiful deciduous trees like elms, oaks, and redwood etc. 

2. Clare valley 

Clare valley

Photo by denisbin / CCO BY

Clare Valley which is nothing but a beautiful valley in Western Australia is a perfect place to discover during Autumn season and it’s just one and a half hours’ drive from the city of Adelaide. If you plan to explore Clare Valley, you can spend some time in towns like Clare, Sevenhill, and Watervale etc. 

You can also plan to visit Clare Valley wine region which is 120 kilometres away from the city of Adelaide. Popular for producing Riesling wines, it’s one of the most beautiful regions in the country. 

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3. Visit Towns Like Tanunda, and Angaston 

Visit Towns Like Tanunda, and Angaston

Photo by Jocelyn Kinghorn / CCO BY

If you want to learn a lot of Western Australia, you must visit towns like Tanunda and Angaston which are actually located in the Barossa Valley region - a well-known wine-producing region in the country. Tanunda is a stunning town and it’s just half an hour’s drive from Adelaide. On the other hand, if you talk about Angaston, it’s around 77 kilometres from the capital city of Western Australia. Both these towns are important in their own ways, and it’s always better to explore such places to understand the true spirit of a region.

4. The Art Gallery of South Australia

The Art Gallery of South Australia

Photo by Rexness / CCO BY

Though it’s true that Autumn is the best time to explore natural attractions and outdoor places, but if your interest lies in collecting more information about the history and culture of new places, you can definitely visit museums and art galleries. So if you want to learn more about the history and culture of Western Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia is the perfect place for you.

5. Margret River Region 

Margret River Region

Photo by Boost Kiteboarding / CCO BY

If you want to spend some quality time exploring mouthwatering local foods, spectacular beaches, stunning surf breaks, and beautiful forests, then the Margret River region is perhaps an ideal place for you in Western Australia. It’s truly a place to enjoy unending fun with your friends and family members. It’s a place that can be enjoyed by people throughout the year, but in Autumn it’s beauty increases manifolds. 

Its ultimate wilderness helps you to forget the past paced life of big cities, wherein you keep yourself busy in competing with others. If you want to escape from the world of cut throat competition and have some peaceful time with your family, then do visit the  Margret River  region in Western Australia. 

If you have already been to some of these places then you can discover destinations like Ningaloo Reef Marine Park and Rottnest Island.

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