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5 Fetching Campervan Holiday Destinations In Queensland

There is little dispute on the fact that the State of Queensland is famous across the world for the kind of alluring family holiday destinations it provides to the holidaymakers. In fact, it is one of the most talked about places when it comes to long campervan holidays, wherein the families enjoy their time in tranquil places which can offer them long lasting memories. Campervan road trips are more adventurous and spellbinding when compared to traditional vacations.

For a real traveller, the journey matters a lot than the actual destination because it teaches them amazing things. If you are an enthusiastic traveller, you must learn how to enjoy your journey rather than focusing only reaching your destination. You should only be concentrating on having fun during your holidays because there is so much that you can achieve from them. Individuals who believe in enjoying their journey end up having a lot more fun than those who focus only on their destination. Campervan holidays are meant for only those people who love exploring adventurous things during their journey. 

So if you want to become a versatile traveller here are some captivating campervan holiday destinations that you can look forward to in Queensland.

1. Travel To The Captain Cook Holiday Village

The Captain Cook Holiday Village is one of the most attractive and interesting destinations if you are planning to take your family for a thrilling vacation. It’s one of the best caravan parks in the village of 1770, which is one of the top holiday destinations in the state. The Captain Cook Holiday Village is a perfect holiday spot for the people from the state. 

For example, if you are from Cairns and want to go for an interesting campervan road trip you can pick this option without any doubt. The distance between Cairns and the town of 1770 is 1299.8 kilometres via Bruce Highway. You can find some mesmerising places in the way when you start exploring the roads. 

Once you reach The Captain Cook Holiday Village, you can take the advantages of the facilities which include camp kitchen, BBQ facilities, car park, laundry, communal shower, child pool, and communal refrigerator, etc. In addition to that, you can also take your pet out there. 

Its scenic walking tracks will force you to take a walk and enjoy its incredible beauty. Holidaymakers enjoy birdwatching and hiking like anything when they come here.

2. Discover The Town Of Port Douglas 

It is one of the best places that you can travel with your campervan. Located only 67 kilomerters from Cairns, it's the perfect weekend escape for the people of this city. 

3. Visit Wooroonooran National Park 

Wooroonooran National Park which is only 75 kilometres from Cairns is an excellent campervan destination for family holidays. You can have endless fun exploring the waterfalls, watching beautiful birds and wild animals. You will enjoy taking a walk in the park as it's incredibly beautiful. You can park your vehicle and start exploring it by walking. You can take a walk in the park. 

4. Explore The Sandy River Banks In Tree Holiday Park 

The Tree Holiday Park which is located in Sunshine Coast Area is one of the best places in the reason to spend fun filled times with your small kids and lovely spouse. You can’t ever imagine the kind of fun you can have in this park which is located quite close to Maroochy River. You can have a good time with your family on the river’s sandy banks and sit there for some time to experience the beauty of its waters. You can have great fun while enjoying water sports such as swimming and sailboard riding. However, the best part is that you can explore different types of fishes found in the waters of Maroochy River. As far as the facilities offered by the park are concerned it include free Wifi, bbq facilities, camp kitchen, car park, Satellite TV and laundry, etc. 

5. Explore Captivating Beaches At The Palm Cove Holiday Park 

If you are true beach lover, The Palm Cove Holiday Park that’s located near Cairns is the best option in Queensland. This is the place wherein you can enjoy your holidays in the best way possible, as it offers multiple facilities. If you have been think for spending some quality time in a tranquil place, The Palm Cove Holiday Park should always find a top place in your list. You can enjoy the beauty of multiple beaches if you pick it as your destination. It offers one of the best environments when it comes to relaxing with your family. The park offers great camping sites for the holidaymakers, and that’s what makes it a unique destination. The best part is that it takes only half an hour for people to reach this park from the city of Cairns. 

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