06 May

4WD Hire Darwin Holidays – 3 Places You Must Visit

Whether you are traveling solo or planning for a trip with family and friends, 4WD hire is certainly the best way to explore the breathtaking nature’s attractions of Top End Australia. And Darwin being the capital of Top End region, the Northern Territory, is naturally a major gateway to all your must-see destinations in the state such as Litchfield National Park and Kakadu National Park.

The travel experts often recommend online booking of your 4WD rental in Darwin well before you begin with your territory adventure trip. This will save you from many hassles and may earn you a good discount too. Do some good homework over the internet and you will find a plethora of luxury and budget-friendly 4WD hire packages. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. 

Self-driving 4WD road trip from Darwin to some of the most popular tourist sites in its neighbourhood is an experience of a lifetime. Without further ado, let’s dig into the 3 most visited tourist destinations in 4WD holiday Top End.

Litchfield National Park

This iconic nation park is only a two hour drive south-west of capital Darwin in your 4WD rental. Rich in flora and fauna, the place offers magnificent views of waterfalls, lush green woodlands, glittering pools and big termite mounds. Spread across a vast area of 1500 square kilometres, this national park attracts more than 260,000 tourists every year from worldwide. 

The national park is open for tourists throughout the year. It is a great place to enjoy activities like bushwalking, swimming, hiking and camping. A visit to this stunningly beautiful park will make you return home with a large bunch of mesmerizing travel stories. 

Kakadu National Park

Located 257 km East of Darwin, Kakadu National park is a world heritage site and the largest park of its kind in the country. Take your 4WD through the sealed roads of Arnhem Highway and the Kakadu Highway. It’s a three hour drive from Darwin. Take a detour from the Kakadu Highway and visit the two of the most famous sites named Jim Jim Creek and Twin Falls in the country. The site is accessible via a 4WD drive only.

The best time to plan self-drive holiday to Kakadu is between June and November every year. Some of the major highlights of the park are rock formations and cave paintings, that are 50,000 years old; waterlilies, waterfalls, rugged cliffs, lush rainforest and glittering waterholes. Preparing a meal near campfire in the outback and watching millions of migratory birds on the wetlands of the park can never fail to win your heart. There is a lot more you will explore once arrived. So, make sure you come with ample time!

Katherine and its Surrounds

Craving for some real wilderness and aboriginal experiences? Visit the Katherine region. The historical town of Katherine is located at the heart of this 480,000 square kilometres area. It is home to some great art galleries and museums. 

Go out of the town and you will see the oldest homestead of Top end and in its neighbourhood lies an array of 500 million years old glittering limestone crystal caverns and pillars. Some must-do things for this tour include swimming at the Katherine Hot Springs, picnicking camping at The Edith Falls waterfalls, and camping near the Katherine Gorge. 

So, when are you planning for your Darwin 4WD holidays? Happy Holidaying!

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