30 Aug

10 Outstanding and Adventurous Places of Australia

Australia is full of adventure and fun and this is the reason that most people choose this international destination for spending holiday tours. Some of the most attractive features for which Australian tours are preferable are unique forests, marine life, vast outback, outstanding wildlife and other related ones.

You can find a lot of interesting places in Australia where you can get unique things. But before moving to the place, you got to chalk out a proper plan so that you can extract the maximum enjoyment by means of exploring different attractive places of Australia.

Top 10 visiting destinations in Australia

You can also ask your trip advisor so that you can get greater assistance in making a proper trip planning in Australia. There are top 10 places that are full of amazing elements and you must visit them otherwise your actual purpose of visiting Australia will remain unfulfilled. You can also use different means of local transports so that you can conveniently travel to different parts of Australia.

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1. 12 Apostles in Victoria, is quite adventurous and you can get a soothing ambience out there as you can thoroughly enjoy the beach-side experiences.

2. The caves of Margaret River are also quite adventurous and you can discover the outstanding beauties of three caves that are of strong rocky formation. These caves mainly represent ancient significance and this is why tourists are much more interested in watching the same.

3. Pink lake of lake Hiller is also quite famous in Australia is treated as one of the most valuable and mysterious wonders of the place. Algae levels within water have created pink color and the water is salty.

4. If you visit Kangaroo Island, then you will get the opportunity to see the most beautiful spot called Finder-Chase Park. You can find different animals out here like cute dolphins, koalas, emu, sea lions, wallabies and others.

5. The Girringun national park is a popular place where you can find the tallest waterfall of Australia called Wallaman Falls. It is almost 879 feet high and it has been said that it has got a deeper ancient significance. This is why tourists from different parts of the world come down to Australia for visiting the waterfall.

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6. Tourists also get attracted towards the Grampian National park as you can find breathtaking forest views out there. You can also enjoy walking via narrow edges and can also get an amazing climbing experience.

7. Lord-Howe Island is also very much beautiful and you must not miss out the island if you visit Australia. It is basically located in between New Zealand and Australia. You can find beautiful sanctuaries, white colored sandy beaches and blue waters out there that are very much enjoyable.

8. You can find iconic sights at Uluru which is two miles long and it is tall about 1100 feet. Both climbing and hiking enjoyment can be taken from the rock. The rock also changes its color with the sun’s reflection.

9. Great Barrier Reef is mainly popular due to the presence of turtles, whales, crocodiles, stingrays, sharks and others. You can experience marine life by means of scuba diving.

10. Sydney city and its harbor is also quite an interesting place to visit. Bondi beach and Darling harbor are the main attractions out there.

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