26 Jan

10 Most Famous Destinations for Campervan Hire Holidays Cairns

ost of the people like travelling with their families across the world. Cairn is the most incredible place that has to be visited by every individual in their lifetime. People usually hire a Campervan to visit all the places in Cairn. There are many Campervan services available across the globe.

Adventurous Tourist Destination in Cairns

Atherton Tablelands

The climate of this place is very well suited for all individuals and can be visited year long i.e. from January to December. The waterfall and greenery in the place make your life rejuvenated. Driving in this place gives amazing experience for the people. But people should have good driving experience to carry out this activity.

Great Barrier Reef

 This place is one of the seven natural wonders of the world that is entirely surrounded by crystal clear water. The adventure lovers can carry out scuba diving and snorkeling. This place consists of 900 islands, countless reefs. This is one of the favorite holiday playgrounds since people can enjoy both above and below the water.

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Green Island

It is a coral cay located just 45minutes distance from Cairn. You can enjoy the boat ride to this place. This island is encircled with golden sand beaches and look in green color due to abundance of national park. The luxurious resorts provided at this place gives world class accommodation with bar, dining, shopping, etc.

Palm Cove

This is the best holiday spot to rest and relax. This place has while sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees. This town is located just 27kms away from Cairns. It is situated in between Daintree Tropical Rainforest and Coral Sea.


It is the perfect village that is located in the heart of the rainforest. It is just 25kms away from Cairns. Cairns Highlands is the main attraction of this place where people can enjoy cooler temperature as a retreat from the humidity of the coast and have a great time.


This is an amazing and mystical town located just 57kms away from south cairns. The accommodation is provided in bit diversified manner. There are plentiful waterfalls located nearby the mountain range. This place has picturesque surroundings and national parks where you can spot wild species.

Daintree Rainforest

It is just two hour’s drive from Cairns. This is the largest tropical rainforest in Australia. Daintree National Park, The Daintree River, The Daintree Discovery Centre, etc. are the main attractions of this tourism spot. The nature lovers can have a great time at this place.

Mission Beach

It is the natural heaven of the world. You can explore the beauty of this place by travelling in the luxurious campervan. This beach is surrounded by four villages. The tourists can relax by lying on the white sand beaches and can enjoy the greenery of the rainforest.

Mission Beach

Port Douglas sits

This place is nestled between the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree National Park. It is the tropical heaven on the Queensland coast. This place is surrounded by white sand beaches, palm trees, sparkling waters, seafood restaurants, etc. where people can enjoy warm winters, wet summers.


This place is just 13kms from cairns. This place is surrounded with sugar mills and Hambledon plantation. The journey of driving to this place leaves memorable and long lasting experience for the travelers. The main attractions of this place include Walsh's Pyramid, Caravan Park, etc.

Tour with Campervan services in Cairns for a family camping trip. It gives an amazing and brings a lifetime worth of memories. The great road infrastructure of Australia makes your trip memorable.

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