21 Dec

Exploring the Christmas Scenes in Australian in 2013

Well, just forget the snow and sleighs as its summer in Australia now! It is never a snowy Christmas in Australia, the heat waves start by the time the Christmas day arrives, which is the first month of the southern summer season. But there is one exception! If you are on peak of the Mt Kosciuszko, you will find some snow formations.

Mt Kosciuszko

You’ll forget turkey too!

Though a large number of Australians follow the English tradition of taking a roast dinner on the Christmas day, but there are fair chances that you will miss on turkey too in this wonderful country boasting an incredible gastronomy edge. And don’t get surprise if you see a cold-weather fare on a hot sunny day.

The culinary trends for celebrating Christmas in Australia is inclined to seafood, mainly crabs, lobsters, prawns, mussels, pippies, scallops, Balmain bugs and cold salad, as a Christmas feast. And of course the meal is always accompanied by fine Australian wine and beer.

Find glimpse of northern trappings

As similar to the western countries located north of the equator, Australia too features scenes of northern trappings throughout the country. so, you will definitely see a Santa Claus wearing his red heavy suit, colourful Christmas cards, Christmas carols, mass shopping and Christmas gift giving tradition scenes.

Outdoor excursions for active holidaymakers

As it is summer in Australia in late December, many Christmas celebrations take place outdoor locations too, with prawns and steaks on the Barbie and beer bottles in hand. After the sun set, you will watch Carols by Candlelight and the biggest Carols are seen in Sydney and at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne city. Other cities, towns and suburbs in Australia may also feature their own Carols by Candlelight versions.

Services offered by the Churches

If you belong to the religious community, the Midnight Mass and Christmas Day services are great alternative to soak up the most of Christmas festivity in the air of Australia.

In Australia, there is always the beach!

As it is hot days in the country, you may see many people and even travellers like you celebrating Christmas on one of the finest beaches of the country, and soaking up the excellent climate.

Music lovers will have fun too!

Listen to Michael Buble and move your feet on the dance floor this Christmas 2013 again. Michael Buble, whose 3 year old Christmas album is still ruling the pop music world of Australia, has proved to be the pop voice of Christmas celebrations in the country. In fact, his album has put Beyonce's most recent album way beyond in the iTune chart of Australia.

If you are seeking a unique holiday experience while visiting Australia this year, hiring a campervan and going off-the-beaten paths is a great idea. Rather participating in the standard cosmopolitan style Christmas celebrations, with a rental motorhome in Australia you can also explore the magnificent countryside scenes and drive alongside the stunning gold coast route of Melbourne of the Christmas eve. Happy holidaying!

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