25 Dec

Discover Beach Towns & Seductive Views Of Coral Sea On Pacific Coast!

If you want to experience the unexplainable beauty and magical charm of all the important tourist destinations between the lovely Gold Coast and the striking city of Cairns, you should definitely look forward to exploring the Pacific Coast route that connects all the pivotal coastal hotspots on the east coast of Queensland.

When you hit the road on the Pacific coast of the sunshine state the alluring views of the waters of the Coral Sea makes your journey all the more exciting and you eventually realize that time flies too quickly while exploring striking hinterlands, lush wild greenery, and mesmerizing beach towns.

As everything is perfect in the state of Queensland, the highway on the Pacific coast, wherein you can begin your self-drive road trip from Gold Coast to Cairns is also extremely up to the mark. That means you will hardly find any issue with the 1800 km stretch of the road that allows you to take the glimpses of the captivating views offered by the state of Queensland across its east coast. 

The best way to go ahead with such an exhilarating expedition is to hire a campervan in Brisbane, which is one of the most ravishing cities in the state apart from being its capital. The city of Brisbane itself has a lot to offer to holidaymakers, but the kind of thrill you can experience during a road trip cannot be received through any other activity.

So, if you also want to cover the distance between gold coast to cairns via self-drive campervan, here’s some utmost crucial tips for you.

1. Brisbane To Sunshine Coast

When you start your journey from Brisbane on your self-drive campervan, you can either go to Gold coast first, to explore all the enchanting views that it offers, or you can head straight to the sunshine coast. If you are from Brisbane and have already been to the gold coast several times earlier, you can go straight to the sunshine coast. However, if you haven’t visited it yet, then it's better to explore it first.

If you are planning to discover gold coast, you must make it sure to explore its golden beaches and endless other fascinating attractions. Considering the fact that Gold coast is also famous for its iconic theme parks and lush greenery, you must find out the time to discover them.

However, if you are planning to go directly to sunshine coast, you can again discover highly mesmerizing views during your one and half hours journey. Yes, that’s right! You can reach sunshine coast only in around one and a half hours as its nearly 103 kilometers from the city of Brisbane.

Once you reach sunshine coast you can discover countless beautiful attractions such as the resort town of Noosa. You can easily spend an entire day exploring the sunshine coast region as it’s home to numerous beautiful waterfalls, beach towns, and exciting wildlife.

2. Explore 1770 ( Seventeen Seventy) 

After discovering all the incredible attractions that the town of Noosa has to offer, you can then head straight to a mesmerizing beach town on the Pacific coast called the “1770.” It’s a kind of coastal town that allows you to take in the views of alluring turquoise waters and you can easily while away for a couple of hours in its stunning beaches. You should again devote an entire day if you really want to see all the important places and tourist hotspots offered by this region.

3. Pick Cape Hillsborough As Your Next Big Stop

After exploring every nook and cranny of Seventeen Seventy, you should plan to take a next big stop at Cape Hillsborough which is one of the most important national parks in the state of Queensland. Since the distance between Seventeen Seventy and Cape Hillsborough is approximately 755 kilometers via Bruce Highway, you should keep on taking small breaks on the way. It will take approximately six and a half hours for you to reach Cape Hillsborough from Seventeen Seventy. Since it’s a national park you can definitely see a lot of unique wild animals here. You will surely find it highly thrilling when you discover the dusty roads within the park while looking for crazy wild animals. In addition to that, this park offers you countless opportunities when it comes to hiking or walking through the beautiful paths that allow you to take the glimpses of picture-perfect views. 

4. Travel To Airlie Beach

Once you are done with unearthing the phenomenal places offered by Cape Hillsborough national park, you should then start your journey towards Airlie Beach, one of the most breathtaking places in Queensland. Since the distance between Cape Hillsborough national park and Airlie Beach is just 126 kilometers, you can easily access this place in one and a half hour. 

Airlie Beach is a stunning resort town located on the Whitsunday Coast. And if you like you can also explore the Whitsunday islands and the pristine beaches that they offer. 

5. Head Straight To Wallaman Falls 

The another beautiful holiday destination that you can find on Queensland’s east coast is Wallaman Falls. It will take around 5 hours 30 minutes for you to reach Wallaman Falls from Airlie Beach. You can also explore the town of Ingham as Wallaman Falls are just 51 kilometers away from it. 

6. Drive Straight To Mission Beach From Wallaman Falls 

The distance between Wallaman Falls and Mission Beach is around 173 kilometers via Bruce Highway. Therefore, it won’t take more than 2 hours 30 minutes for you to reach this place. This beach town is famous for being a popular destination for family holidays. Located on Cassowary Coast Region, it’s certainly a place worth visiting.

7. Cairns 

When you are done with seeing every possible tourist hotspot in Mission Beach, once again you have to take control of the steering wheel before you eventually make it to your ultimate destination-Cairns. The distance between Mission Beach and Cairns is approximately 138 kilometers via Bruce Highway, so you can easily reach the city in around 2-hours

Once you reach one Cairns you spend at least a couple of days there, as densely packed with countless striking tourist destinations.

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