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An Extraordinary Road Trip From Broome to Darwin – Travel the Australian Way!!

Wondering what is the Australian way of traveling around? In two words, it is ‘motorhome vacation’.

If you are a traveller who don’t want to go the conventional way of getting around the travel destination, instead you are one of the avid travellers who enjoys designing their itineraries on own and are quite fascinated to travel off-the-beaten paths, motorhome holidays Australia are made for you!

An Extraordinary Road Trip From Broome to Darwin – Travel the Australian Way

While Australia has no dearth of scenic road trips, a stretch from Broom to Darwin is certainly one of the most epic journeys that will take you to the heart of the breathtaking outback scenes of the country.

Now before you embark on the trip, get the map first. You may also collect the one from your vendors of campervan hire service in Broome. And finally get set for a thrilling journey ahead!

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Exploring a Road Drive from Broome to Darwin

From Broome in Western Australia to Darwin in the Northern territory, this 1875 km long route go across the top end region of the country, which is the center of scenery that jazz Baz Luhrmann’s movie, Australia.

This journey is for the travellers like me who love discovering, certainly not for the faint-hearted people. And knowing a one or two important things about campervan engine can be a plus point, especially when you drive in the outback when the roads might seem a bit harsh on tyres.

Don’t forget to carry your camera before you leave for the trip. You will get numerous shots of the unrivaled nature’s scenery of the region worth capturing. Besides that, make sure you pack some food and water as well.

In most of the cases, a motorhome company makes sure you depart with some campervan repair tools and extra pair of tyres. If this isn’t the case with you, don’t hesitate of asking for this essential stuff to your motorhome rental company.

Exit the cable beach resort of Broome and head down to the east alongside the flat land of the Great Northern Highway to Fitzroy crossing. The ultimate remoteness of the outback and knowing there is no one around you, not at least for next few kilometers, makes you feel excited and enthralled.

Close to Fitzroy Crossing is the Geike Gorge, around 20 km away; you can make a stop-over here if ahead of time. Next you may follow the Gibb road or another road in the Kimberley region, whichever seems fine to you or your taste. But remember, you have gathered all necessary information about the route you are going to follow in advance.

There are fair chances of meeting kamikaze cows and suicidal wallabies while traveling on the Gibb road. And at the end of this motorway, you will see a stunning riverbank with rugged surface.

Once you enter the Northern Territory, drive 175 km towards Timber Creek and to Katherine, which is home to Katherine Gorge and the Nitmiluk National Park where you can enjoy canoeing, bushwalking and camping.

Make a stop-over at the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park before you reach the Arnham Highway on your way to Darwin. Once you arrive in the city, drop off your vehicle at its depot and explore the major attractions of the town.

Happy Holidaying!

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