22 Nov

10 Ideas For Tourists To Have Even More Fun On Christmas Day In Brisbane

You will hardly find a country on this planet wherein people do not celebrate the Christmas day, a sacred festival that is observed annually to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, who sacrificed his life for the betterment of humanity. In other words, celebrated on December 25 the Christmas Day is all about rejoicing the happy moments with family and friends in the remembrance of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, who always supported the idea of good over evil and eventually gave his life for saving his people.

Like any other country in this world, Australians also celebrate the Christmas Day like anything. They plan a variety of interesting activities on this festival which easily distinguish it from the rest of the days. Whether you talk about coastal towns like Cairns, Broome, and Port Douglas or dazzling multicultural cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, or Darwin etc., you will find them beautifully decorated for this holy festival. 

Now, let’s talk about how this highly prominent festival is observed in Brisbane - the captivating capital of the state of Queensland, which is bordered by states like Northern Territory, New South Wales, and South Australia. Queensland is famous for tourism, and hence when it comes to Christmas, people from the neighbouring states love to visit it. They generally chose places like Brisbane to celebrate Christmas, because it’s home to hundreds of enchanting places which can be explored by them. In short , because people in Brisbane celebrate Christmas with a lot of fun and enthusiasm, travellers from places like New South Wales, Northern Territory, and South Australia love to explore this city during this festival. 

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Here’s How tourists Can Make Christmas Day Celebration Really Special In Brisbane 

1. Go Shopping

Brisbane is a stunning city which is full of amazing malls or shopping centers, hence travelers can always take advantages of it. Noting that you always feel like doing something special for your loved ones, it would be great if can buy souvenirs for them on Christmas. The shopping malls or shopping centers that you can visit in Brisbane include Broadway on the Mall, Brisbane Arcade, The Myer Centre, Wintergarden, and QueensPlaza etc. No matter what you are looking forward to purchase, you are most probably going to get each and everything in these malls.

2. Enjoy Festive Dining At Dazzling Restaurants

The city of Brisbane is home to plenty of astounding restaurants which serve awe-inspiring cuisines to food lovers. And when it comes to Christmas you cannot afford to miss this lovely opportunity of enjoying festive dining. The restaurants which you can look forward to in Brisbane include Black Hide Steakhouse, Tartufo, Aria Brisbane, Longtime, and Sake Restaurant & Bar etc. Apart from these restaurants, you will find many more interesting places to enjoy food in Brisbane.

3. Visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

If you are an animal lover, you can visit the very famous Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which was established back in 1927. Located in the Fig Tree Pocket, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is one of the best places in Brisbane to explore Koalas. This is the best option for you if you are traveling to Brisbane with your child because small babies always love to see such cute animals. What can be more interesting than celebrating your Christmas among cute little Koalas?

4. Explore Story Bridge

Connecting both northern and southern suburbs of Brisbane, the Story Bridge is one of the most interesting places to spend some quality moments during Christmas. When you see this bridge from your own eyes, you truly get surprised by looking at its design and the way it is constructed. It’s a phenomenal example of excellent engineering, and you will hardly see any other Bridge like this in the world. 

5. The Queensland Art Gallery

For art lovers, it would be really interesting to visit the Queensland Art Gallery as they can explore the works of prominent Australian artists out there. It’s a place wherein you can explore the well-known paintings, and sculptures from artists across the globe. By discovering beautiful artwork of renowned artists, you can definitely make your Christmas Day a little more special. 

6. Discover The Cathedral of St Stephen

Nothing can be more interesting than exploring a beautiful and church like The Cathedral of St Stephen, which is a Heritage Listed Site. This Cathedral church has its own importance when it comes to historical monuments. Because of its history and architectural excellence, it is visited by millions of people each year, hence if you are in Brisbane during Christmas do not forget to explore it. 

7. Macleay Island 

If you love short outings, you can plan a visit to Macleay Island - one of the most stunning places to spend family holidays. Located in Queensland’s Moreton Bay it’s really a wonderful place to celebrate your Christmas. You can have a lot of fun while fishing, hiking, and camping in this beautiful island. 

8. South Bank Parklands 

The South Bank Parklands are another interesting destination to celebrate Christmas in Brisbane. Whether you talk about exploring the remarkable beauty of the rainforest or enjoying a picnic with your family, nothing can beat the experience provided by this place. You can jump on the street food and enjoy the luxury of being at the street beach without spending mush money. 

9. Cook Your Own Food 

Another good way of celebrating Christmas in Brisbane is to go camping and cook your own food. You can hire a campervan from Brisbaneand figure out a nice camping destination nearby wherein you can celebrate this festival the way you want. You can pack everything before you leave and once you reach your destination you can start cooking lovely food and serve amazing wine with it. If your entire family is with you, it can add even more fun and excitement to the trip. 

10. Explore The City At Night 

Considering the fact that the entire Brisbane is decorated like anything for Christmas, you can come out of your hotel in the evening and explore every nook can cranny of the city. 

Once you experience Christmas celebration in Brisbane, you will definitely remember it throughout your life.

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